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The house that Jack built

The House That Jack Built


total votes: 39
Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden
fees in Russia
31 319 145 руб.
Premiere (World)
premiere (RF)
Film distribution
2 hours 32 minutes
Zentropa Entertainments, the Center National du Cinéma et de l'Image, the Copenhagen Film Fund, Eurimages, Film in the West, Film and Media Foundation NRW, Nordic Film & TV Fund, Concorde Filmverleih, Denmark Radio (DR), Les Films du Losange , MEDIA Program of the European Union, Nordic Film Distribution, Potemkine, Swedish Television (SVT), Danish Film Institute, Swedish Film Institute
other names
The house that Jack built
The house Jack built
The house that Jack built
A Casa Que Jack Construiu
Dom, który zbudowal Jack
Jack staví dům
Maja mille jack ehitas show more

About the film "The House That Jack Built"

At the core of the psychological thriller story is a story about a ruthless serial killer named Jack (Matt Dillon), presenting his brutal crimes as works of art. The events of the film will unfold in 1970-1980-x - during those 12 years when the maniac kept the entire state of Washington in fear - and will affect five bloody “incidents” that Jack himself will tell about from the first person.

"House. That Jack built "- a new film from the scandalous director and screenwriter Lars von Trier. From the premiere of the film at the 71-th Cannes Film Festival, about 100 people left, unable to withstand the viewing of detailed scenes of violence and dismemberment.




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