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Women's Day

Day of the woman


total votes: 2
$ 650 000
Premiere (World)
1 hour 41 minute
Cinemagic Pictures
other names
Blood Angel
I Spit on Your Grave
Ich spuck 'auf dein Grab
Non violentate Jennifer
Non violentate Jennifer - I Spit on Your Grave
Sputo sulla tua tomba
The Housatonic Revenge

About the film "Women's Day"

A young pretty girl named Jennifer arrives at her country house to spend the summer there, away from the bustle of New York City. Near the house, it is refueled at the local gas station, where three types work. Associated with these "comrades", a local fool-eyed boy brings food to the house of this woman. Then he tells about this trinity about her.

Jennifer, meanwhile, becomes an object of sighing for the hungry to the seductive strangers of the refuellers. At first, her peaceful rest was broken when she lay in a bikini in a hammock. But the next time it turned out to be more serious - these three criminals picked up her boat and dragged her on her boat to the beach, where they first made a joke, and then, as they sprayed from the kind of woman in the bikini, they began to rape her in turn, some distance.

It all ended in the house of Jennifer, where they gave the job to a fool (and he, too, was taken for the company, supposedly to lose his virginity) to kill with a knife all the battered, battered woman. But the fool did not dare to kill, but smeared a knife and told the three of them that he had killed her.

Time passes, and scumbags worry, why no news, no one finds a corpse, which, in theory, should already decompose. But the survivor Jennifer prepared all four presents - bloody revenge ...





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