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American Dad


American Dad!


total votes: 3
Premiere (World)
91 hour 40 minutes
length of series
22 minutes.
number of episodes
250 series
number of seasons
15 seasons
20th Century Fox Television, Atlantic Creative, Fox Television Animation, Fuzzy Door Productions, Underdog Productions
other names
American Tatko (Bulgaria)
American Dad (Канада, французское название, дублированная версия; Финляндия; Германия)
Amerikai fater (Hungary)
Amerikanu tetuks! (Latvia)
Amerikietiskas tevelis (Lithuania)
Amerykanski tata (Poland)
Američki tata (Serbia) show more

About the American Dad TV series

The plot of the animated series unfolds around the Smith family. Pope Stan (Seth McFarlane) is a CIA agent and a Republican to the core, strong in body, but stupid with reason. Has a manly chin and always ironed out a suit. Francine (Wendi Shaal) is Stan's wife and mother of children. A typical housewife. Moderately wise, moderately stupid. In addition, he does not know his real parents. Son - Steve (Scott Grimes). He has certain problems in dealing with the opposite sex (the girls communicate with him sometimes, only under the barrel of the father's service weapon). Daughter Haley (Rachel McFarlane) - a desperate liberal, has a "hippy" traits, but the hippie is not, although it protects nature, and takes light drugs.

The talking goldfish Klaus (Dee Bradley Baker) - in fact, the fish's brain is human. The CIA simply took the brain from a German skier, so that Germany did not win the Olympics. He often moves around the house in a small jar, fingering the floor. Alien Roger (Seth McFarlane) - just an alien. Once saved Stan in the "51 Zone" and now lives with the Smiths. Thick and cunning - these are the features most fully disclosed in Roger. Passionate lover of wigs and booze.




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