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Seven dinners


total votes: 84
fees in Russia
106 582 344 руб.
premiere (RF)
Film distribution
Film company "Renovacio", film company "RVV"
other names
7 Dinner

About the film "Seven Dinners"

He is not the most prominent teacher of psychology, she is the ultimate rehearsal speaker. Between them they lived five years, after which their relations gave rise to cracks. LOVE BETWEEN THE COMPRESSIONS OF THE STEEL ARE PREVENTED. General Interests every day becomes all less and less. SITIATION IN THE FAMILY ALSO INCLUDES THE LESS OF CHILDREN. Young people do not unite anything. The woman of the first decides that the end of their relations has come, and just nothing will help to preserve the affection attached to the past development. But the main hero understands that he does not want to raze their marriage, and is trying to preserve the relationships and re-create love and sorrow. He invents a new new method of restoring relations and simplifies the process in an experement. THE METHODOLOGY IS CONCERNED IN THE PROVISION OF SEVEN-SERIAL PRODUCTIONS, UNDER THE ORDINARY, AND PASSING EVERY TIME THROUGH AN OPERATIVE SCENARIO. Shout of vecherom cyprygi dolzhny provecti bez odezhdy, vo vremya drygogo yzhina - nahoditcya in polnoy temnote or pricytctvii neznakomogo poctoronnego cheloveka Po plany glavnogo geroya, if ye ego cypryga pocle okonchaniya etogo ekcperimenta peredymaet razvoditcya ne, ne will be played OH bolshe prepyatctvovat etomy resheniyu.




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