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Took and looked "The route is built" and was left very disappointed

Took and looked "The itinerary is built"and was very disappointed.

I was extremely warm to the "The Queen of Spades"Because it was a bold step forward, thorough and thought-out." The route "on the contrary looks frivolous, simplistic and glued on the knee, which, incidentally, is the work of the same producers and where as the more experienced director.

The main complaint is the lack of a clear logic of evil. In general, the origin of evil in horror is very important to me, it either must be understood and understoodlike a maniac, an alien, crazy, or be completely irrational, like in the Blair Witch, some one. Seredinku-na-polninku, I can watch, but I do not take it seriously. A "Route" - it's not a fish or meat. If this is the ghost of a dead woman, then why does he then drive the machine, then enter into the person? If she hates men, then why this final twist? What is the meaning of the doll? What is the meaning of the men on the road? In general, why did the dead woman become a ghost? Because of what was lying in the trunk? Somehow stupid, no?

You see, there is no clear line. And I, by the way, for four years do not sit down on paper to translate my script, because until now I do not see a clear physics of all the processes in my head. It's important for me.
I liked only the episode with the old woman in the back seat of someone else's car. A classic Hollywood move, but shot very tasty and inserted very timely, on the "five" straight. But the rest ..


Ah, well, so that you do not get up twice.

"Cloverfield, 10"The coolest thing about it is that nobody knew about the project until the release itself, but on the screen there is some soulless ball." Well, that is, with my mind I understand that it's cool to shoot a chamber drama with three actors (by the way, , the third bearded man is maniacal from the recent "Khash" of Flanagan, yeah) in a confined space, but the heart is completely shit, and for the final act with the aliens you need to beat a hot frying pan on the tray, so it was not vain.

"The exorcism of Anna Eklund" is so bad that even the word "shit", which estimates it, looks like an unreasonably high complement. Go to the furnace.

While all.



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In the itinerary the trailer is still cheesy.

On it it was clear that the plot of the film is quite incoherent.

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