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Looked at the "Bride"

Looked "The bride"That's how I understand everything, that first there must be bad copies, then so-so copies, then good copies, and then, you see, something really successful and original will go, but in practice the era of" so-so copies " So, the "Bride" looks and sounds like a normal Western / European Bashka, not without its moments - screechers are all there, peering into the darkness, glitches and skewed muzzles, but with all that happening on the screen yawn hunting .

And all because, in general, the plot is sort of like the original, the film is made from the same details as the myriad of other mystical horror songs, and in the process something was not put into the set, something was lost, but something backwards in advance, hooked, so it does not work exactly as it should. Characters are empty, the main male role - in general, some kind of an answer.

You can praise Alexander Child and several individual scenes are very well thought out and filmed, but personally I do not have enough. For trying to tick off, but in the last third, I confess, I really wanted to start shaking.



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