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Patties with mustachios

During the morning session Mikhalkov there were about two-thirds of the audience, the episode with tits caused a revival in the audience. I did not have time to see the press conference, only a piece: there Mikhalkov explained that when Nadia kisses a mine - it's poetry, not the outrage of a crazy director. Then a lovely woman asked him: he showed so beautifully the magnetic influence of Stalin at all, and what can he say about those Russian filmmakers who believe that Mikhalkov himself became a very totalitarian figure and presses all those who are not wanted? Then Mikhalkov crawled out a full-blown shining monster and answered: "And where are the examples? I can also say about you that I saw you yesterday completely naked selling pies in Cannes. " I really hope that I misheard. An aristocratic way of talking to women. Or is he so flirtatious?

In the competition showed a terrible Hungarian movie, based on the "Frankenstein" "Loving Son" Corneille Mundrutso. Pretentious terrible dregs, worthily completing this festival. Here in one parallel program was the film Shit Year. It's true, it's all about 63 Cannes.

In place of Tim Burton I would give tomorrow the Golden palm branch of Takeshi Kitano. But wipe it all.



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