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At the 75 Venice Film Festival, the premiere of Damien Shazell's film "The Man on the Moon" starring Ryan Gosling

At the 75 Venice Film Festival the premiere of the film Damien Shazell «Man on the Moon»S Ryan Gosling starring. For people who have been waiting for a fresh buyopik about Neil Armstrong, "imprisoned for an Oscar", we have bad news: you get something completely different. Shazell keeps making films about dreamers all the time, "Man on the Moon" is no exception, only it has fewer musical numbers and lightheadedness. And the story itself is not about space (oddly enough). Chazelle had to send a man to the moon to reflect the overwhelming sense of inner emptiness and pain of loss from the loss of a loved one. And the artistic language here works so well that at one point you can feel this inner vacuum, which the director speaks about. There are moments that may seem pretentious, but in this context they work as they should, and most importantly, no one will knock out a tear from you. Great movie, I hope you'll like it too.



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