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The film market. Outcomes

On Friday, 86-th film market finished in Moscow. We visited several important premieres, looked at Tom Cruise, and most importantly learned the approximate distribution of the film distribution for the next year. To see it was possible much, to listen even more, but it will be difficult to tell about everything. Let's try to stay on the largest projects.

Shot from the movie

Shot from the film "Snow White: Revenge of the Dwarfs"

We are just waiting for two beautiful high-budget stories about Snow White. Judging by the presented fragments, "Snow White: Revenge of the Dwarfs" Tarsem Sinha will be closer to Hollywood romkoms about princesses like "Enchanted Ella". The main character is painfully smiling (Lily Collins), the beautiful prince is cute (Armi Hammer of "Social Network"), And Julia Roberts in the role of the evil queen funny bitching.

Shot from the movie

A still from the movie "Snow White and the Hunter"

"Snow White and the Hunter" from the deserved director-advertiser Rupert Sanders on the contrary looks more like a gloomy adventure film, where swords are swinging whole armies, the queen Charlize Theron literally devours the youth of his subjects, and Snow White Kristen Stewart by the old "Twilight" habit never smiles.

Photos from the set of the film

Photo from the set of the film "The Dark Knight: The Renaissance of the Legend"

No exclusive materials on the film "The Dark Knight: The Renaissance of the Legend" the film market was not shown, but about his competitors in the niche of the superhero cinema something to find out was possible. "The new Spiderman" с Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, apparently, will differ from the previous unexpected measure of seriousness and modernity. But that's good, because if the Sam Raimi's trilogy is annoying, it's its kindergarten sentimental didactics.

Shot from the movie

Shot from the film "The Avengers"

Very high expectations inspire "The Avengers", where the battle with evil stand immediately four supermen from different films: Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Tor (Chris Hemsworth), Captain America" ​​(Chris Evans) and the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo, succeeded Edward Norton). Given that they are not helped by anyone, but by Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, as well as some secondary stars from the original paintings, from the point of view of the representativeness of the credits with the "Avengers", they can only argue "The Expendables 2". The impression from the first passages was the most unequivocal - in spirit this is the closest thing to "The Iron Man", but the destruction in the frame is planned much more.

Shot from the movie

Shot from the movie "Battleship"

By the way, about the "Expendables", the Moscow premiere is planned to bring the progamers almost the entire star caste. That would be an event! In the next year we are going to visit Rihanna (in support of "Sea Battle"), Daniel Radcliffe (in support of "Women in Black"), Audrey Tothou"Tenderness") and many others.

Shot from the movie

Shot from the film "John Carter"

In the battle of rumbling summer blockbusters, a significant role is to be played "John Carter" and the "Battle of the Sea". Characteristically, the main role in both plays Taylor Kitsch, so that the megastar status of the guy seems to be secured. In the first project, directed by Andrew Stanton («WALL-E»), he will get to the Martians and how Jake Sully of the "Avatar" will fight for their future. In the "Sea Battle" Peter Berg (Hancock) he will fight with aliens already on the side of earthlings.

Shot from the movie

Shot from the movie "Hunger Games"

Prone to kinoromantike girls and girls 2012-y prepares a curious twilight "The Hunger Games" about the reality show of the future, where teenagers are killed. Again a bestseller, again the school did not finish, as blood appeared on the threshold with love. For a short and not very shock cut to form an opinion is difficult, but in the title role, the wonderful Jennifer Lawrence [III] ("X-Men: First Class", "Beaver"), and in the director's chair the author of "Pleasantville" Gary Ross, and this is something.

Shot from the movie

Shot from the movie "Access Code" Cape Town "

Among the espionage detective fighters there are also promising specimens. Judging by the remake fragment "Remember all" с Colin Farrellm instead of Schwarzenegger, the film may well become a real event. As, however, and "Access code" Cape Town " и "Born's Evolution".

Shot from the movie

Shot from the film "Ice Age 4: Continental Drift"

As for the animated ring 2012, the main heavyweights have known us for a long time. Madagascar 3 и "Ice Age 4: Continental Drift" tell about the new adventures of beloved animals, and fight them will be new competitors in the face Piksarovskaya »Brave heartand «Lorax», voiced in Russian by the Danny DeVito.



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