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Cannes: love and others

Prizes have found their owners, the layout proposed by the jury under the leadership Nanni Moretti both pleased and disappointed

Shot from the movie

Shot from the movie "Love"

First, the Haneke. "Love" became the owner of the main prize of the Cannes festival, the Golden Palm Branch, and Michael Haneke - the first director who received two "palm trees" in a row. Even the Dardenne brothers win here not with each of their paintings, but at least once. Rewarding "Love" - ​​the decision is absolutely just and justified, the picture is great, timeless, and will remain, as they say, in years, through distances.

Shot from the movie

Shot from the movie "Reality"

Then begin the surprises and strangeness. Grand prix - at "Reality" Matteo Garrone, more than a dubious choice. Especially considering that without awards remained "Sacred Motors" Leosa Karaksa. Another surprise: the prize for direction for Carlos Reagados for the film "Post tenebras lux" (that is, "After darkness - light"), the picture is much weaker than the previous works of the director and, in the opinion of many, could have won only in the nomination "What was that?".

Shot from the movie

Shot from the movie "Beyond the Hills"

Further oddities end, and the wonderful Romanian film Christian Mungiu "Behind the Hills" receives two awards at once: a prize for the best script and a prize for the best female role, divided between two actresses, Christina Flutur and Cosmo Stratan.

Shot from the movie

Shot from the movie "Hunting"

The prize for the best male role went to Mads Mikkelsen for his role in the remarkable film Thomas Winterberg "Hunting", and the special prize of the jury was presented to the patriarch of British Socialist Realism Ken Loach for the comedy "Share of angels".

Shot from the movie

Shot from the film "The Share of Angels"

Sergey Loznitsa received only the prize of FMPressi (that is, film critics), from the jury, respectively, nothing.

In general, everyone is happy for Haneke and Mundzhu, but incredibly sorry for Karaks. However, from the point of view of eternity, who are we to be pitied. Hooray, love.



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