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Cannes best: Carax, Munzhiu, Winterberg, Haneke and Loznica

There is an interesting story with the contest: there are days, everyone discusses the films shown somehow, more or less actively argues, and then something appears on the horizon (a meteorite comet?), Which makes everything here meaningful, and the existence of the festival is not in vain .

Shot from the movie

Shot from the film "Holy Motors"

God bless Karaksa. Holy Motors (that is, "Sacred Motors", well, or motors are divine) - the first big movie of the director for thirteen years: between "Motors ..." and "Hollow X" there was only a short film in the almanac "Tokyo!". Apparently there was so much silence to create such a powerful and inspirational statement about the nature of cinema and the place of play in human life in general, confessional and total, insane and in every frame it is not accidental. Denny Laban plays here 11 roles, he drives in a limousine-equipped Paris limo and lives other people's lives - if he has his own. Monsieur Govno, a sick old man, a hitman, a banker, a futuristic character entangled in sensors, the strict father who got out of the sewer system for the first time in Tokyo! The transformation that has taken place over these years with Lavan is the transformation from an actor who is an outstanding actor to a supernatural. Karaks said at the press conference that at the beginning of his career Denis most likely could not have played in such a film, now he does it as strikingly as the mask changes his hero, Monsieur Oscar. But "Holy Motors" is not only the benefit of Lavan, not only thinking about the nature of cinema, not only phantasmagoria and a kaleidoscope of amazing images living in an amazing carax head. It is also a deeply personal story, a farewell to the deceased wife of the director, actress Katerina Golubeva. For her in the final picture appears a caption: "Katya, you."

Shot from the movie

Shot from the movie "Love"

A small section of masterpieces in the Cannes competition continues "Love" Michael Haneke, a drama with participation for some time ceased to appear Jean-Louis Trintignant and stars "Hiroshima, my love" Emmanuelle Riva. On the example of an elderly music teacher who is slowly dying from a stroke and Haneke, who heroically cares for her husband, without any sentimentality, she explores the very nature of love, everyday everyday sacrifice, a selfish sometimes reluctance to let go and self-denial. The picture of Haneke is physiological, detailed and at times ruthless, but the story of an old man caring for a paralyzed wife rises above the corporeal and becomes a sublime and significant drama about the most that is on eternal questions.

Shot from the movie

Shot from the movie "Behind the Hills"

Another my favorite of this competition is the Romanian Kristin Mungiu with a picture "Behind the Hills". Based on a real case, in 2005, literally blowing up Romania, the film tells how one girl went to another monastery for another, and what was done to her there. The picture of Mungiu, multilayered, complex and contradictory, does not fit into the definition of "anti-clerical drama", there are no ready-made assessments, Mundzhi consistently presents both discourses (the inhabitants of the monastery and Alina's visitors), and the film becomes not only thinking about the earthly and divine, but also about the place of the church in society, but primarily the history of non-reciprocal love.

Shot from the movie

Shot from the movie "Hunting"

All chances to get a reward for the best script from "Hunting" Thomas Winterberg. Mads Mikkelsen plays a kindergarten employee who, in a misunderstanding, finds herself in the center of a pedophilic scandal. As history unfolds, the respectable inhabitants of a small Danish town turn into fascinating monsters, the maxim of childish innocence turns out to be very doubtful, and labels and social roles define a person in the eyes of others better than his own words. "Hunting" most closely resembles the "Process" of Kafka, this picture is intelligent, provocative, impeccable in rhythm, in a word, the author "Celebrations" Winterberg in great shape.

Shot from the movie

Shot from the movie "In the Fog"

Yesterday there was a show In the Fog Sergey Loznitsa. This is a film adaptation of the story of Vasil Bykov, shot in Russian on the money of German investors by a director who never positioned himself Russian, that is, the work is completely supranational. This is a chamber, a strict military history: a Belarusian village occupied by the Germans, residents who are equally terrorizing their own and others', only three main characters. "In the Fog" is brilliantly shot Oleg Mutu, in the picture fantastic portraits, thanks to which the faces of the actors chosen by Loznitsa seem even more significant. This is a very good direction, an adequate adaptation of Bykov's prose, an honest, without false patriotism, view of the war. In general, there are very real chances for one of the awards.



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