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30.08.2018 Text: Ekaterina Carslidi

At the 75 Venice Film Festival, the premiere of Damien Shazell's film "The Man on the Moon" starring Ryan Gosling

At the 75 Venice Film Festival the premiere of the film Damien Shazell «Man on the Moon»S Ryan Gosling starring. For people who have been waiting for a fresh buyopik about Neil Armstrong, "imprisoned for an Oscar", we have bad news: you get something completely different. Shazell keeps making films about dreamers all the time, "Man on the Moon" is no exception, only it has fewer musical numbers and lightheadedness. And the story itself is not about space (oddly enough). Chazelle had to send a man to the moon to reflect the overwhelming sense of inner emptiness and pain of loss from the loss of a loved one. And the artistic language here works so well that at one point you can feel this inner vacuum, which the director speaks about. There are moments that may seem pretentious, but in this context they work as they should, and most importantly, no one will knock out a tear from you. Great movie, I hope you'll like it too.


10.07.2018 Text: Boris Khokhlov

Jackie Wu gradually becomes the main Chinese propagandist

Jackie Wu gradually becomes the main Chinese propagandist - in the "Вкках-винина 2"He drank an international team of white mercenaries, in the" Wandering Land "teaser (apparently, the project will be very loud) puts Russians in their place with their cosmonautics.


27.06.2018 Text: Evgeny Ukhov

And more about the "Night shift"

And more about "Night shift", simple.

Here you do not go to such films with ordinary viewers for regular sessions, and I do. So, before the film showed a fragment of "The grandmother of easy behavior 2", now banana and with Galustyanom. I consider it important to share this knowledge with you, but why I suffer alone.


27.06.2018 Text: Evgeny Ukhov

"Summer" Serebrennikov

As is known, Borisov Borisovich "Summer"Serebrennikov was not accepted at the initial stage, he called the lie from the beginning to the end, and distanced himself from the project as much as possible, as a result, the younger Efremov plays the homeless, albeit easily recognizable Bob (god) .But it's quite officially and with the approval of the author, Grebenshchikov's song sounds in the film "Night shift" of Weisborg.

Here, neither is the quality of one or the other film, their artistic value or cash appeal. This is just an illustration of the fact that truly gifted, talented, even brilliant people do not get along well with each other and do not compromise with others. Only with himself.


23.06.2018 Text: Boris Khokhlov

Well went "The Endless"

Well went "The Endless"We will not read anything about the film beforehand, I bought it immediately when I saw the names of the directors - Aaron Moorehead and Justin Benson (they shot a very good" Spring. ") The film was the direct sequel to their debut" "Resolution" - I did not like this film very much, but here the balance between phantasmagoric, existential drama and purely genre elements is sustained much more confidently. If their energy is directed to the right direction, they can become really big directors.


18.06.2018 Text: Boris Khokhlov

I really liked the "Ghostland" by Pascal Lorgier

Really liked "Ghostland"Pascal Lozzier - by some miracle he missed it in the cinema, but he made up for it." Brutal, but not evil, graphic, but not exploitative, very genre, but not trivial, yet very experienced and not stupid. -horroram like "Witches", "Babaduka" and "It follows", and I have nothing against them, but then the movie affects some completely different points - like some primitive shamanism.


14.06.2018 Text: Boris Khokhlov

"Photo for memory" is just an amazing inadequate

«Photo for memory"Is just an astonishing inadequate. Quite a working concept, confident production (the musical theme in the introductory credits is generally fire), but the script and dialogues - well, it's just indecent! In the hall there was one, so by the middle of almost every line I frankly laughed, so the time was spent with profit, but how horror is a complete feil. Actors are weak, only Irina Temicheva (our Ally Campper!) Is remembered by the game "so bad that it's already good," and Yevgeny Koryakovsky is traditionally very natural.


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