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10 behind-the-scenes scandals during filming

Filming a movie is pretty nerve-wracking: working conflicts between directors, producers, actors and writers can go as far as riots, real fights and even layoffs. We recalled a dozen noteworthy examples of such "friction" - not all of which, unfortunately, ended in the reconciliation of the parties.

Ridley Scott - Jerry Perenchio and Bad Yorkin

Among the directors, leading their teams to exhaustion, Ridley Scott could take one of the prize places: a tireless perfectionist, he became famous for his ability to achieve what he wanted at any price. Does this Colosseum seem small? Let's build our own, bigger! Did the lighting cover in the scene that was filmed for two weeks? Peresnem! Do you need a natural reaction from a person who was splashed in the face with blood? And we will not warn him! Even on the debut "Alien"Scott threw individual actors into such a frenzy that they swore and fought. But on the set of "Blade Runner"It seems to him that all those who could have turned their backs on him. The scriptwriter went crazy about the requirement to constantly rewrite the dialogues, the operator and the actors did not understand why the marriages are completely different, in their opinion, the duplicates, the producers were furious because of the backlog of schedules and the exceeded budget ... The team did not always get enough sleep: many scenes were shot at night, and Ridley still demanded to get up early.

Shot from the film "Runner on the Blade"

Shot from the film "Runner on the Blade"

Creative search could get away with him in Britain, where Scott, who worked for a long time in advertising, was in authority and was considered a person who knows his business. But the "Runner" was made in Hollywood - there the young overseas director did not yet know and did not understand why he was so tortured by his wards. Scott did not consider it necessary to explain each of his actions, as a result of which he lost all contact with employees: after a series of working conflicts, the project turned into hard labor for him and for everyone else - people went to work from under the stick. As a result, they conspired to arrange for the "arrogant English tyrant" an effective lesson of contempt: one morning they all showed up for shooting in the same T-shirts, on which the phrase "Yes, the boss" was printed. Exhausted to an extreme degree, the director answered this with a symmetrical gesture - the next day he put on a shirt with a protest slogan "Xenophobia sucks!".

But it did not help for long: towards the end of filming, when the final scene was being shot on the fake roof, the team rebelled really already. In the process of another exhausting, many-hour shift, everyone at once quit their job and went to bed - whatever happens. The next morning the shooting resumed, but the dove, which was wet from the rain, was supposed to fly to the sky, stubbornly sat on the roof and tried to dry out. The producers Jerry Perenchio and Bad Yorkin, who were present during this troublesome process, became furious and announced that they were dismissing the team. Scott was spitting: having remained with several faithful assistants, he sawed the street decor and dragged him into the studio, where he did all he wanted. Not having suffered such arbitrariness, studio Warner Bros. with the scandal fired "uncontrolled british" - to be admitted to the installation, he eventually had to make devastating concessions and throw out of the film a number of important scenes, the restoration of which in various "director's versions" took many years. In cinemas, "Blade Runner" failed miserably: all-round recognition came to him only a decade later.

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