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Review of the film "The Route is Built"

Quite competent domestic horror film, in no way inferior to the western horror "bekam", which is released by some Jason Bloom.


Andrei (Pavel Chinarev) and Olya (Svetlana Ustinova) are married for seven years, they have a daughter growing up, but they are unhappy in a marriage. Her nerves and hysteria led to Andrei finding another woman, and although Olya seemed to forgive him for treason, "the sediment remained." In order to breathe new life into their relationships, the spouses are going on a joint vacation - but first they need to bring their daughter to Andrei's mother in Yaroslavl, where they leave on a newly bought car. Not knowing that this car has a very dark past.

Shot from the movie "The route is built"

Shot from the movie "The route is built"

It is clear that in talking about “bad cars”, first of all the classic “Christina» Stephen King or his "Trucks" (turned into "Maximum acceleration"). Nevertheless, the “Route has been built” is a slightly different movie. Yes, there will also be self-pushing pedals and a steering wheel that does not obey the driver, but on the whole this story is not about the car, but about people - a car with the spirit that has chosen it only expands and deepens the crack in the relationship between Andrei and Olya, which already pulled this family into the abyss . It is indicative that, if desired, the “Route is built” could be “filed” for release in China, where, as you know, any paranormal devilry in cinema is generally prohibited!

Shot from the movie "The route is built"

Shot from the movie "The route is built"

The music for the film was written by DJ Groove, who also worked with Oleg Asadulin on Green Carriage and Phobos.

Andrei and Olya are not the cutest couple. He is stubborn, tough, insensitive, secretive. She is irritable, hysterical, inclined to blame others. Now they are at the most vulnerable point of their joint path, when any thoughtless movement can lead to a final rupture, but they still have difficulty keeping themselves in their hands - they have accumulated too many grievances and claims to each other.

Shot from the movie "The route is built"

Shot from the movie "The route is built"

The writer and producer of the film Ivan Kapitonov played a man selling a damned car to the heroes at the very beginning of the film.

It is difficult to worry about such people, but they have indisputable proof that this union is worth something — a charming daughter who sleeps in the backseat for most of the trip. What kind of people her parents wouldn't be, the girl obviously didn't deserve to meet a bloodthirsty ghost! For a horror film, such attention to the characters and their personal problems is not very characteristic and ennobles the picture, especially since the screenwriter Ivan Kapitonov and director Oleg Asadulin with apparent pleasure they play with the dynamics of their relations, which in a limited space heat up especially fast.

Shot from the movie "The route is built"

Shot from the movie "The route is built"

However, first of all, the “Route has been built” is still a mystical horror, and all the signs of the genre are in place and implemented very confidently. Heroes are “buggy”, in the trunk something (someone?) Knocks, the forest road leads in circles - it seems like nothing that we would not have seen before, but in this case the effect of “our own, dear” works. Saw, of course, but not on domestic material and not with Russian actors, especially since, contrary to expectations, they do not “float” in the genre, but play strongly and brightly.

Of course, all this does not mean that the “Route is built” is perfect. From time to time “literary” breaks through in dialogues (although, to be fair, most of the time, the characters speak like normal living people), there are occasional small bloopers in logic (the characters hide from the car chases in the night forest, but the bright red lights behind them something is not quenched), and in the final third of the picture there is an overflow with “paranormal water” (slightly delayed visions with swarming worms and blood streams), but by the standards of the domestic horror movie it is still a very worthy example of the genre - perhaps one of the best Shih. And especially pleased that the film is noticeably better than the previous work of the same team, "The Queen of Spades: The Black Rite", not speaking about "Phobos, Which Asadulin took off in 2010. Hopefully, this trend will only continue in the future.

Since 31 March at the cinema.

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