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Review of the movie "Who am I"

Unexpectedly successful incarnation of the plot about the splitting of consciousness in the spirit of "Fight Club", making several exciting twists in the course of the action. A cheerful, youthful movie, bold and delicious.


Benjamin is the most inconspicuous man in Berlin. Even at school, peers ceased to pay attention to him, and in adult life he even thinks of an empty place. But only as long as Benjamin is out of the computer, in a virtual environment, he is the real king of hacking and hacker attacks nicknamed KtoYa. Following everywhere his virtual idol, Mr. X, Benjamin gets acquainted with a company of hackers, led by an energetic Max. Together, the four burglars become a force before which there are no barriers, and very soon the group is under the sights of police and hacker competitors. But, like any clever manipulator, Benjamin thinks his actions a few steps forward and leads the party to victory even when it seems that he has already got caught.

Shot from the movie "Who am I"

Shot from the movie "Who am I"

After the picture "Who I Am" was presented as part of an out-of-competition program for the Toronto Film Festival, Warner Bros. acquired the rights to create an English-language film remake

German cinema, unlike the French, for example, does not often pamper the Russian audience with its mainstream samples. Festival film - please, several times a year. Comedy Tilja Schweiger - Get it, sign it. But that's what really touches the German young spectators, who make the main cashier theaters, we see infrequently. Under the title "Who am I" is hiding not just a movie, it's one of the champions of the German rental, a bright, energetic, emotional movie addressed to a public eye, familiar with the Internet and social networks. That is for the same regulars of Russian cinemas, as well as their German peers. It's time to figure out what's good for a German ...

Shot from the movie "Who am I"

Shot from the movie "Who am I"

Producers of the film Kvirin Berg and Max Wiedermann are the founders of the famous company Wiedemann & Berg in Germany. The first cinema release of this company, the film "The Life of Others", became at one time the owner of the "Oscar"

A German is good when he is told how vulnerable all his data on the Internet. It would seem that such movies about hackers are a dime a dozen, but "Who am I" here observes a very elegant balance between depicting super-burglars, who crack the codes of the Pentagon with three chord keys, and banal thieves stealing accounts in Odnoklassniki. Cyaygroup Clay, which was involved in Benjamin, is engaged in bright, but by and large harmless crimes directed against the system, and not the person. The guys then climb into the neo-Nazi conference to spoil their commercials, then they will get on the servers of the German stock exchange and build a cheerful schedule from fluctuations in the trading indices, or they will force the windows of the office of the pharmaceutical company to scream that the chemists are experimenting with animals. "Well, what about the criminal?" - would say the singer Allegrova and would be right, but only for the time being.

Shot from the movie "Who am I"

Shot from the movie "Who am I"

The activities of heroes over time go beyond simple pampering and bragging, followed by real cybercrimes that lead to victims. Unobtrusive heroes turn into a genuine crushing force. At this point, from "Who am I," like a werewolf out of human clothes, begins to crawl out "Fight Club» David Fincher. Director Baran Bo Odar does not even try to hide the fact that his picture is clearly following Tyler Darden's way-in the hero's room there hangs a poster of the film from Palanika's book, one of the episodes repeats the famous scene of the initial titles of the Club. And it does not look tricky, it's even intriguing. And, to the surprise of the audience, this is just the tip of the iceberg. To the finish, the authors go to the idea of ​​fictional characters, similar to the already mentioned Darden, but they play out this chip in an original way, leaving the final open.

Shot from the movie "Who am I"

Shot from the movie "Who am I"

Does the successful paraphrase of "Fight Club" have enough grounds to consider "Who am I" as a good film? Certainly, it gives a certain interest to the picture - at least the tape wants to be revised so as, as in the case of Fincher, to check whether the hero really communicates with internal demons. On the other hand, with the genius of the "Club", "Who am I" can not argue - it is not compact enough, too tight, often makes unnecessary plot zigzags and at times starts unnecessary reasoning. The creators of the picture should be praised for the original approach to the image of virtual space, but it would be worthwhile to spank for the plot slip with an obviously superfluous personal line of inspector Lindberg. The tape occasionally wobbles like a drunken sailor, but at the finish line it acquires the ultimate concentration - for nothing that before that someone falls asleep, and someone escapes from the hall.

However, those who will inspect, will not remain disappointed. At first it's really hard to understand what the Germans found for themselves in this film. Yes, it is interesting, but not more than hundreds of similar paintings appearing in Hollywood. The ending is really exciting, the final Cliffhangers still work. And let there be no "Who am I" Brad Pitt, it does not crumple skyscrapers for the song Pixies, and in the basis does not lie a cult novel - such a reboot of the usual plot sometimes is beneficial. Courage takes the city, Baran bo Odar took a chance and did not miss. Tyler Darden would approve and tell others, not giving a damn about the club's first rule.

Since 13 August at the cinema.

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