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12 most unusual horror monsters of the XXI century


Splinter (2008) / Splinter

thriller / Horror / fantasy

Producer: Toby Wilkins

Starring: Charles Baker, Jill Wagner, Paolo Costanzo, Ši Uighém, Rachel Kerbs

Shot from the movie "Splinter"

Shot from the movie "Splinter"

The authors of “Splinters” did not bother too much to put some kind of pseudoscientific foundation under the plot of their film, in fact the viewer does not fully understand that he is a catalyst for terrible changes - an unknown microorganism, a virus or something else. But the story does not lose at all: Toby Wilkins introduced to the world a new kind of zombie - rapidly moving, having lost its human appearance and leading to infection in a very non-trivial way. Not that we, after watching “Splinters,” began to avoid prickly bushes or flowers, but it would be desirable to iron a hedgehog somehow less.

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