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7 spin-offs that can shake up franchises

Did the franchise stop in development? The sequels discourage fans, and the prequel led the fans into indignation? For rebut to take scared, but you want money? To help come spin-offs - not dependent on the main line of the picture, the protagonists of which are people who are fond of the minor characters! Yes, it's a risky thing, but more and more popular - your spin-off got a cinematic Wolverine and a TV flash, cartoon Cat in boots and penguins of Madagascar, fantasy Xena and Ewoks. Not all budged well, there were also failures, but we collected seven heroes, spin-off which would not have prevented and guaranteed to collect an impressive cash register. So, our ambush shelves!

Lando Kalrissian («Star wars»)

Shot from the movie "Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back"

Shot from the movie "Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back"

About the spin-offs of the "Star Wars" now say a lot, Disney plans to release them one per year. However, we still do not know who will become the heroes of these films. There are a lot of applicants from Khan Solo to Boba Fett, but we would suggest that Lando Calrissian be included in a separate line. Appeared for the first time in the tape "The Empire Strikes Back" Lando became a favorite of adult male spectators. Elegant ladies' man, superior to his charm of Khan Solo, deserves a more attentive treatment from the direction of directors. In the classic trilogy of the character with the Armenian (according to Lucas), the surname was played by a black actor Billy de WilliamsLandau's new screen incarnation would be quite appropriate John Boyer, called upon Jay J Abramsom under the banners seventh episode. Spin-off Lando guaranteed a new generation of "Star Wars" a good start. A positive hero, with a lazy and cunning, quite recognizable, but also at a respectful distance from the protagonists, is the ideal way to probe the ground before the seventh episode. The audience would definitely go to the cinema to ask the price.

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