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10 shocking deaths of the leading characters of television series

Serials have long ceased to be the lot of housewives and children who do not know what to do after school. Now the drama series have not just grown from short soapy panties, they can be compared with a big movie in their cruelty and peremptoriness, and in some ways even surpass. For example, in how ruthlessly the creators of a TV show deal with their characters, not with extras, but with the most real characters-locomotives. The phenomenon of such dislike for the "feeding hand" may have yet to be carefully studied, but for now we decided to make a small selection of those deaths that shocked us more recently than others. Get ready, there will be a lot of spoilers. And, of course, blood!

Be careful, spoilers! Thousands of them!


Dexter (2006) / Dexter

detective / drama / thriller

Directed by: John Dal, Steve Schiller, Keith Gordon, Marcos Siega, Ernest R. Dickerson

Starring: Michael S. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, David Zayas, James Remar, K.S. Lee

Rita Morgan

Scene from the series "Dexter"

Scene from the series "Dexter"

In the series, which is all built on murders, in principle, you could expect anything. With the methodicality of the machine, Dexter Morgan looks for scoundrels who escaped justice or deceived him, and sends them to the bottom of the ocean in neat plastic bags. But what if the weapon turns against him? What if Dexter finds himself on the path of an even more terrible maniac? What if all the personal life of the hero that has just begun to be ordered is under threat? Many viewers felt that Dex Rita's wife, played Julie Benz, turned the cold-blooded killer into a mimicry mattress, but only a few of them assumed that the Trinity would reach Rita and perform its ritual with murder in the bathroom.

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