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Venetian Film Festival 2018: Review of the film "Suspiration"

An exquisite, complex, potentially cult remake-horror about the fact that nothing can be left without a trace.


Berlin, 1977 year. The wall is strong, and our tanks are fast, somewhere in the distance, the Faction of the Red Army is preparing and carrying out its attacks, and in the other-sided dance school of Madame Blanche (Tilda Swinton) nothing seems to have changed much. Everything is the same as it was in the movie "Saspiria"1977 of the year, shot by the genius of Italian horror Dario Argento: the productions are being prepared, wonderful girls are dancing. All the same occult ceremonies take place there, the Sabbaths are held, they die and disappear under the mysterious circumstances of the pupil, in general, all according to the established school routine.

Unwavering, an elderly lonely psychotherapist walks around Berlin and for some reason is very interested in the accursed school. Why - we will learn at the end, although many, perhaps, will not understand that it was all. Along with him, the protagonist prepares for his main role in the new production of the school, and the choreographer helps her, which leads any less talented students into the mirror room, sucks the soul out of them and hands them over to her favorite.

Shot from the movie "Sourpyria"

Shot from the movie "Sourpyria"

In general, before speaking in detail about the unexpected, paradoxical and even, at once we will notice, a tremendous remake of 2018 of the year, which was taken off by the popularity gained in recent years Luke Guadagnano, compatriot Argento, you need to clarify that this movie is largely about the connection of times, that the past does not go anywhere. Here was the original film, a classic-re-classics, which was very frightening for almost half a century of all admirers of aristocratic horrors, but in which there was almost no plot (and in the new one there are). He was not forgotten by the authors of the new "Suspiria": in it, for example, Jessica Harper, and her role has radically changed, now she is no longer the main character (after half a century in her place took Dakota Johnson, she already played with director Luca Guadagnino in "The big splash"), And the wife of one very remarkable hero, whom again portrayed Swinton. Tilda here plays at least two characters (and in general - more, but it's more interesting to recognize oneself), one - in a heavy silicone makeup, under which one can not see a single facial features of the famous androgyne actress, and this is clearly an ulterior motive.

Shot from the movie "Sourpyria"

Shot from the movie "Sourpyria"

In "Suspiria" in general, everything is painfully familiar, especially to those who saw the original, and at the same time, absolutely nothing is clear. But this is the case when very strange things are happening in the horror, but there is no spectator's desire to correct all this, to bring it back to normal. There is only a sticky (not even a sweat, but like a blood) sensation of the approaching conquering chaos. Remember, as I proclaimed Trier in his "Antichrist":" Chaos reigns all ". Well, Guadagnino quietly but firmly adds: "Chaos rules and rules before, and rules always."

So, the entrance level to this film: "Suspiria" - it is about the final death of Europe in the form in which we know it. The reason for this is the heart torn during the Second World collective evil. And the movie is primarily not about personal memory, although about it too, but about the historical. In general, the plot and its interpretation here will have a very long time and the order of painfully think.

Shot from the movie "Sourpyria"

Shot from the movie "Sourpyria"

In general, Luca Guadagnino regularly tries to understand the subtle matter, for example, to understand the love that is stronger than us (his famous film "Call me by your name"), And that this is actually very beautiful, when we do not hold life in our hands tightly, but, on the contrary, almost do not control it. In general, feelings that can be stopped by mental effort, which, like a mental illness, can not be stopped by a mental effort are the main theme in his work: he had, for example, an unsuccessful but remarkably sexy film "Melissa: intimate diary", Where the schoolgirl was looking for herself in a world of carnal pleasures and also could not subordinate the libido to common sense, even on the contrary, she struggled more and more to stop limiting herself in the study of sexual horizons. Here, people have a memory that you can not refuse, which you can not take and erase.

Shot from the movie "Sourpyria"

Shot from the movie "Sourpyria"

Finally, "Suspiria" is, of course, very scary. Not even so: total game, a nightmare. Moreover, "Suspiration" leaves the viewer not at all in a state of depression from the violence shown or some dismemberment, all this is childish babble. Nothing seems to show anything to us, except that the dreams of the main character, which are completely pale girls, flying colored entities (as if from the third season "Twin Peaks» Lynch), worms, guts, blood, fear, death, horror. This is not a movie, it's some kind of attractive-terrible video art.

We will be straightforward: the best season for comparison with "Suspiria" is the third season "Twin Peaks"Lynch, except that the plot is much less ciphered and at least lends itself to some interpretation. Naturally, the great films make time (and with "Twin Pix" it was exactly the same), but even here the new "Suspiria" should reinforce the thoughts embedded in it about the connection of times with deed and become cult like the original. All the same, we all, like this movie, also remakes of their dads and moms.

From November 29 to the cinema.

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