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10 Hollywood stars who made a comeback

When a Hollywood star loses its brilliance, it is very difficult for it to find it again. Too much competition among actors who are fighting for the best roles in potential hits. However, casbucks still happen. Now, for example, we are watching the return Mel Gibson - the truth, as a director highly praised by the critics of the military biopic "For reasons of conscience", And not as a star actor. Which of the stars did the most spectacular actor's rollback? We compiled a hit parade of ten Hollywood celebrities who succeeded.

10. Jackie Earl Hailey

In America 1970-x Jackie Earl Hailey was a popular young actor. He played in TV shows, appeared in dramas, but his main hit was the 1976 sports comedy "Несносиные медведи", Inspired many later films about children, football players, hockey players and so on. After in 1979 18-year-old Hayley played in the Oscar-winning tragicomedy "Going to White Castle", He decided that he would stay in Hollywood for a long time. However, the director's interest in him quickly dried up, and the actor retrained to the advertising director. When he was almost forgotten, Hayley suddenly returned to the cinema and immediately won the Oscar nomination for the role of a pedophile in the drama 2006 "Little Children". After that, he brilliantly played Rorschach in "Guardians", Tried on the mask of Freddie Krueger in the remake of"Nightmare on Elm Street", Portrayed the US vice-president in Spielberg's"Lincoln"And starred in the series"Preacher».

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