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Posthumous fate of Jack Torrance

Shot from the movie "Shining"

Shot from the movie "Shining"

Who read the novel Stephen King "Shine", he knows how free Stolen Kubrick dealt with the original source. At King, the main character who got a job as a winter watchman in a mountain hotel, is driving the hotel crazy - a resort complex with a bad reputation, built on the site of an old Indian cemetery and inhabited by the ghosts of people who died here. In Kubrick, everything is far from being so clear: the cinematic Jack Torrance is depicted rather not as a victim of dark forces, but simply as an unpleasant type, a chronic alcoholic whose "roof has slipped" because of claustrophobia and white fever. In the final of the novel, Torrance exploded along with the hotel; in the film, he froze under the bush, trying to catch up with his son and cut him with an ax, after which his image appeared in a photograph of the 20-ies, hanging in the lobby of the hotel.

Around this photo, which obviously meant something, many copies were broken. Many consider it a proof that "Jack's soul was forever at the hotel." Director until his death refused to discuss the mysterious shot, fearing, apparently, that an unambiguous explanation would destroy the magic of the tape, so that over time this version entrenched. But the release of the DVD-edition with a much better picture allowed the old hypothesis to reconsider.

During the years of discussions by the fans of the tape it was established that the group photo was taken in 1923 year. Kubrick found it in some archive and gave it to the retoucher, so that he attached one of the "figurants" to the head of the actor Jack Nicholson. Randomly selected person on a randomly selected photo? Hardly: Kubrick has always been known as an author, maniacally attentive to detail. Meticulous interpreters studied each segment of the photo and were rewarded: careful consideration of the details allowed them to identify a couple of characteristic elements that occur periodically in old paintings. Firstly, if we consider not a close-up, on which the photo is heavily cropped, but the middle one, on which it can be seen entirely, it can be seen that Jack is depicted there in the pose of the satanic deity of Baphomet. Secondly, the man next to Jack blows into a paper duduk, resembling a pipe of the Apocalypse. But Christian mythology hints is not limited: between Jack and a man with a pipe stands a woman who has on her chest a decoration in the form of a feather and a heart are attributes of the Last Judgment described in the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead (the heart of man, considered the receptacle of the soul, and Anubis, and if the soul weighed "lighter than a bird's feather", then she went to heaven, the sinful soul, which moved the pen, was given to be torn to hell monsters). Thus, in the photograph a fairly clear message is laid: Jack Torrance is not an innocent soul, not found peace, no - he became the prey of the devil and went for his deeds to hell. And this is logical if you recall the hallucinogenic scene in the middle of the tape, where Torrance came to the bar and seemed to jokingly promised the barman to sell his soul for a glass of whiskey. Now it is obvious that the director was referring not to an innocent poetic metaphor, but Jack's conscious transition to the "dark side": this "Chekhov's gun" fired in the finals, but not all heard its rumbling.

10.10.2016 Text: Artem Zayats
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