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10 the most harsh political screen satire

Russian officials and cultural figures do not want you to see in the cinemas political satire Armando Ianucci «The Death of Stalin". Fortunately, they have not yet banned other political satires, filmed for movies and TV. Which of them turned out to be the most caustic? We remembered the ten most harsh political satires that were filmed all over the world.


Vice President (2012) / Veep


Directed by: Becky Martin, Chris Addison, Armando Ianucci, David Mandel, Christopher Morris

Starring: Julia Louis-Dreifuss, Tony Hale, Anna Klamsky, Raid Scott, Matt Walsh

Shot from the series "Vice-President"

Shot from the series "Vice-President"

In America, it is customary to tease the country's vice-presidents, but few people ridicule politics in this position are as bold as the satirical sitcom Armando Iannucci, the creator of the "Death of Stalin," does. The series scoffs not only over the title character Selina Meyer, but also over her unlucky team, which tries to keep Selina in power. In the course of the show, Mayer becomes president of the United States, but has not been kept in this position for long.

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