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If a gopnik-friend was suddenly: a review of the film "Dogman"

The brutal and metaphorical thriller Matteo Garrone that even a mad dog may be the only friend.


Delicate and friendly Marcello cuts dogs with love and brings up her little daughter. In his free time from work and family, he plays football with friends and enjoys an almost happy life. This “almost” has a name - this is a local cattle named Simone, a former boxer, a cocaine lover, and the personification of the terrible phrase “toxic masculinity”. To survive in a poor area, Marcello has to sell drugs and reluctantly work with Simone, repeatedly breaking the law and repeatedly putting her loved ones under attack.

Frame from the movie "Dogman"

Frame from the movie "Dogman"

Poet of lower and criminal Italy Matteo Garrone (for the secular, as you know, the tireless Paolo Sorrentino) returned to the usual topics after not the most successful entry into the fantasy genre. The Italian again masterfully dissects the relations of the working class through a criminal prism, adding ambiguous dog metaphors this time. It turned out something between his "Gomorrah"And one of the stories of the film"Love bitch» Gonzalez Inarritu. At the same time, Dogman stands firmly on its paws and even barks in its own way, a little absurd and grotesque, but, surprisingly, even with humor.

Frame from the movie "Dogman"

Frame from the movie "Dogman"

The film Garrone generally aims to be surprising. Instead of a sluggish narrative and semi-documentary (the picture is based on a true story from 1980), the Italian goes to a rhythmic genre film, tense and too cruel in moments. The eternal and already sterile opposition of good and evil here exfoliates on the motive of the “little man” close to the domestic audience and the suddenly relevant problem of “abusive relations”. In Garron’s talented hands, this pile turns into a timeless story about how you can press a spring for the time being until it bounces back with the same force.

Frame from the movie "Dogman"

Frame from the movie "Dogman"

This simple story works perfectly thanks to the main decoration of the film - the timid and bug-eyed Marcello Fonte in the role of an almost Wolterwhite flight. All the same friend, father, and a simple hard worker who is forced to sell drugs in order to make ends meet and give the family at least hope for the best. It would seem that another hero who lives in two worlds, but thanks to the talent of Fonte, his naturalness and mimicry, the transformation from an empathic and compassionate father into a vengeful criminal even after an hour and a half of timekeeping looks not just real, but frighteningly justified. It seems that the award for the best male role of the Cannes Film Festival is almost the only one in the competition this year, to which you do not want to apply the subjunctive mood. The absolute triumph of the little Italian in the role of a little man with a big heart!

Obviously, comparing people with dogs and putting their symbiosis in the headline, Garrone seems to put an equal sign between them, canceling the principle “we are responsible for those whom we tamed”. No matter how often you feed and save a rabid dog - if he bit you once, it will bite again. The main thing is to understand in time that by putting him to sleep you will forever be alone.

From November 15 to the cinema.

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