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10 most terrible scenes, cut out of horror

Cut scenes and alternative endings - a phenomenon in the cinema is quite common, you can hear more and more often that the director has prepared the material for a five-hour tape, from which a half-hour film is then produced on the editing table. What fell under the knife, sometimes arises as a director's version or additional materials on the discs, and sometimes just disappears without a trace, having lost significance for the author, but it is always of interest for real movie fans. The recent success of the horror film "It"Accompanied the news that the fragment of the final version of the picture was cut out, horrified even by the tape makers themselves, and this made us remember, and what else was removed from the horror. Here are some fragments that could well have become part of the story, but for different reasons they went to the basket.


Alien (1979) / Alien

Horror / fantasy

Producer: Ridley Scott

Starring: Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt, Veronica Cartwright, Hérrie Din Sténton, John Hurt

Lair of xenomorph

Shot from the film "Alien"

Shot from the film "Alien"

Many of us "Alien" Ridley Scott is studied along and across, we believe that we know every corner of the Nostromo, we are sure of the death of all the crew members, except for Ripley, we think that the picture can not surprise us anymore. Well, some would like to learn that Scott cut something out of the version of the picture that was in the rental, but then these shots still saw the light. Not all of them represent a collection value, but the episode with the discovery of the room, which the monster has chosen as an incubator, is very good. Walking with the flamethrower through the wings of the ship Ripley wanders into the room where the Alien conceived to produce offspring - as carrier bodies here are fixed Brett and captain Dallas. To save still the living head of the crew is no longer possible, and Ellen burns all living and dead.

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