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Review of the cartoon "Wild ancestors"

A sweeping but trivial puppet cartoon comedy about primitive savages who are forced to learn how to play football.


The primitive tribe lives happily in the valley near the places where Manchester will be built in the future. Suddenly, the valley is captured by the kingdom of the Bronze Age, which far surpasses the local inhabitants in terms of development. When a member of the Dag tribe makes his way into the city of the invaders, he learns that they adore the game of football and put it above everything else. Therefore, Doug proposes a wager to the conqueror of Gnus. If residents of the valley beat the best team of the kingdom in football, then they will get freedom. If they fail, they will work in the mines for the rest of their lives. The gnus agrees, and Doug begins to train his fellow tribesmen for the competition they are hearing for the first time.

A frame from the cartoon "Wild ancestors"

A frame from the cartoon "Wild ancestors"

Wild cartoon characters basically do not hunt for mammoths. This is historically true. Contrary to popular myth, our ancestors preferred smaller prey, as mammoths were very dangerous and maloedible

England is considered the birthplace of football, but throughout the history of their national football team, the English have only once won the World Cup and have never reached the European Championship finals. This is their great national pain, and it is not surprising that in England was greeted with a new cheerful animated cartoon master puppet animation Nick Park ("Wallace and Gromit"), Which transparently hints at English relations with football. Like, "we gave birth to him, but the best players are strangers, so we can only believe in the team and hope for a miracle."

A frame from the cartoon "Wild ancestors"

A frame from the cartoon "Wild ancestors"

The scenery of the cartoon was built on a huge studio, whose total area is 4,7 thousand square meters

Russia did not invent football, but we can also learn our team in obtuse and clumsy savages, who need a foreign coach (Doug invites the city trader Gunu, who loves football) to find out where the gate is and how to get into them. This will help watch the "Wild Ancestors" and root for the main characters. And help will be needed, because in general the picture of Park was frankly second-rate.

A frame from the cartoon "Wild ancestors"

A frame from the cartoon "Wild ancestors"

No, the master and studio Aardman Animations did not lose the ability to work with plasticine dolls, and "Wild ancestors" - their most grandiose and technically difficult work. However, the screen scale in our days does not surprise anyone. There would be a budget, but there will be dolls! Otherwise, "Wild ancestors" - a mixture of banal characters, a worn-out story about the "decisive match" and a lot of jokes and visual jokes, among which you can count on the fingers of two hands really funny. If you watched the trailers of the cartoon, then you saw most of these jokes, and the picture will surprise you only a few times. This is not the efficiency for which you need to rush headlong into the cinema and buy tickets for the best seats.

A frame from the cartoon "Wild ancestors"

A frame from the cartoon "Wild ancestors"

At one time Aardman first came to mind when it came to the excellent puppet animation. But this era has passed. Now at the top of the American studio Laika, and Aardman was in a position catching up. One can only hope that this competition will lead to the birth of more successful tapes than the "Wild Ancestors". However, small children interested in sports can quite enjoy the amusing football story with a primordial aftertaste and the "right" morality about how important it is not to give up and act together. Adults also get the main pleasure from the search for scattered over the film "hidden" background gags in the style of "airplane". Although this will be easier to do when the picture gets to the video and it can be viewed in frame-by-frame viewing.

And yet - do not show the film to the anthropologists and everyone who is angry with the image of living people and dinosaurs. We do not put this "Wild ancestors" in reproach, because the picture clearly does not claim to scientifically based image of ancient life. But those for whom it is important at least a minimum likelihood, a cartoon can make you crazy.

Since 22 March at the cinema.

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