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PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One


first-person shooter
Developer: Respawn Entertainment
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Evaluation: 5/5
Platform: PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Distribution: disc retail / digital (Origin)
Modes: competitive
Number of players: 12

Hybrid solutions often suffer from "Tianitolka syndrome", but sometimes they achieve a truly synergistic effect. For example, a halberd is a deadly child of an ax and a spear. Or Titanfall - a spectacular network shooter with giant walking robots and infantry.

Strictly speaking, the idea of ​​a shooter about the fur, whose pilots would climb out of them and fight "on foot", is not new - let's recall Shogo: Mobile Armor Division 16-year-old. Here, however, the agile infantrymen and heavy fighting vehicles fight simultaneously, on the same battlefield, and the balance of forces is lined up surprisingly well. It is clear that a person can simply crush or smash fur from a large caliber, but you still catch this man or even at least notice: the brisk foot soldier can run around the walls and go into invisibility, and his counter-titanium bazooka bites oh as it hurts.

Another hybrid solution - a story campaign, combined with a network mode. They play 6x6, with a generous addition of bots that can be hacked or simply wetted for the sake of pumping. The plot itself, of course, is unremarkable - a typical military saifa about how people try to squeeze each other from some valuable resource on a distant planet. Real stars here are level designers who have managed to build excellent combat platforms, equally suitable for both the bellows and the pilots. Yes, and so interesting looking, moreover - one battle arena, for example, is located in the skeleton of a giant monster. Titanfall can also penetrate those who are usually indifferent to furs.

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