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8 movies that take you to unusual fantasy worlds

Already this Wednesday in the world hire comes a production project Peter Jackson «Chronicles of predatory cities"- a fantasy fighter about a world where all cities have become huge mobile structures. In honor of this, we decided to recall other films that introduced us to the bizarre, unusual and amazing concepts of fantasy worlds.

Shot from the movie "The Color of Magic"

Shot from the movie "The Color of Magic"

The inhabitants of the "Flat world" Terry Pratchett live literally in a flat world. Their planet, if you can call it that, rests on the shoulders of three elephants, and they stand on a huge turtle, the Great A'Tuine. It has been traveling for thousands of years, if not millions of years, of space - and this will continue until, according to ancient legend, A'Tuin stumbles upon another intergalactic tortoise. What happens next is what the inhabitants of the Flat World call the Great Occasion - its outcome for the inhabitants of the planet depends entirely on what gender the Great A'Tuin (scientists are just engaged in studying this issue).

However, the history of the "Flat World" is not about huge turtles and intergalactic matings. This is a parody, amazing, incredibly funny and at the same time extremely convincing world in which classic fantasy elements easily get along with the cultural references of modern times. This is a world where the wizard may not be able to conjure, the gods go to beat windows atheists (because there is nothing!), And the police are forced to gather into their ranks goblins, dwarves and werewolves - so that no one complains about the infringement of minority rights.

First of all, of course, “Flat World” lives in literary form - in the 30 years of its existence, the late Terry Pratchett wrote a novel, 41, that over time does not fall in quality. On the screen, his humor is very difficult to transfer, given that a huge part of the jokes in the books contain descriptions of objects and the world, but there have been attempts — and there have even been successful ones. A good television series “The Color of Magic”, where one of the central characters is played by Sean Austin (Sam from “The Lord of the Rings”), even more decent “Respect”, excellent cartoons “The Prophetic Sisters” and “Fateful Music”. Not that acquaintance with the “Flat world” should start with them, but if the universe of Terry Pratchett has already captured you, why not evaluate its manifestations in another kind of art?

Stay tuned and get fresh reviews, compilations and news about the movies first!

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