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25 horror movies that you should not miss this year

The year comes to the middle, and it's a good time to take a look at what the near future has prepared for us. For fans of horror movies, the second half of 2015 promises to be a very busy time - and we chose only the most curious of them!


We're still here (2015) / We Are Still Here


Producer: Ted Gehegan

Starring: Barbara Krémpton, Andrew Sensenig, Lisa Marie, Larry Fesseden, Monte Markham

(in Russia there are no dates for the premiere)

Poster for the film "We're Still Here"

Poster for the film "We're Still Here"

Stylized for European horror 70-80-x (screenwriter and director of the picture Ted Jogegan calls among his main sources of inspiration the classic picture of Lucio Fulci "The House on the Edge of the Cemetery") a mystical horror that attracts not so much a plot as a performance. The film tells about an elderly couple who, after a car accident that took the life of their son, moves to a country house in a snowy New England. But the house is accompanied by an eerie past, coupled with the bloodthirsty ghosts that inhabit it, which will provide the new inhabitants with a very radical "therapy of fear." The main role was played by Barbara Krémpton - one of the "shout queues" 80-x, starred in several notable horror stories of those years ("Reanimator","From the outside").

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