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13 movies, after which you do not want to go to school

How wonderful school days are, you begin to understand only during the second or third session - with tears then remember homework, tests and other trifles, which seemed terrible trials with unknown results. But while the children do not understand this, they have to be motivated before the beginning of the academic year: the TV is full of old films about light classes, comfortable desks and faithful friends in the same costumes, on the streets the advertising posters "Soon to school!" Are not decorated except by sex salons and car dealerships, and on the radio the leading ones count the hours until the first of September. We also love and respect the school, but in our own way - in the history of the cinema there are enough pictures about studying, after which from textbooks, chalk and "shifts" I want to run, as from fire. As a present to former and current schoolchildren, we have collected films about schools, in which it is better not to kick.


Carrie (1976) / Carrie


Producer: Brian De Palma

Starring: Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie, Amy Irving, William Catt, John Travolta

Shot from the movie "Carrie"

Shot from the movie "Carrie"

No matter how terrible worlds and no matter how terrible monsters they invent Stephen King, his stories are as close to reality as possible, they recognize the commonness and ordinary life. That's why the "Carrie" is horrified - for all the mysticism and paranormal abilities there is an ordinary teenage cruelty, gregarious feelings and rejection of the incomprehensible. On Carrie White, all peers revolted, and the teachers did not notice or preferred to pretend that they did not notice the persecution. Well, the school deserves every drop of blood and every spark of fire that the girl who stopped ceasing to hide her "abnormality" brought down the abusers. And now remember, did not you have such a person in the class who got all the ridicule and tying? It was fortunate that he did not know how to control stones and flames ...

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