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Review of the film "The First Avenger: Another War"

The rumbling continuation of the superhero cycle Marvel - a Hollywood blockbuster in the best traditions


After the epic battle for New York in the Avengers, Captain America continues to work for the "Shield", tinkering with leisure jogging around the Washington Monument and awkward courtship for a pretty neighbor. Condemning the Machiavellian habits of his superiors, he nevertheless has to get involved in a big spy game when his immediate supervisor Nick Fury is under attack.

Shot from the film "The First Avenger: Another War"

Shot from the film "The First Avenger: Another War"

Scenes, where the Captain is studying the fate of his old squad, were originally filmed for the "Avengers" and then simply did not fit

From the new adventures of a man with a star-striped shield you could expect just about anything. Due to the rare even for the comic dramaturgy sluggishness of the main character, his first solo output turned into the most confused film of the new era of Marvel. The Captain did not have the dark side of Bruce Banner, there was no touching extraterrestrial ignorance of human life, like Thor, he was not played Robert Downey Jr., eventually. AT "The Avengers» Chris Evans managed to properly turn around, but against the background of his motley colleagues still looked like a frank bore. Coming to the sequel, the studio's main producer Kevin Feigi and the brothers-directors Russo had to change something and came out of the situation very elegantly: they shortened the screen time of the captain's mental torment and focused on running around the roofs and battles with fighters.

Shot from the film "The First Avenger: Another War"

Shot from the film "The First Avenger: Another War"

This is the fourth joint film by Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson

Those who are seriously embarrassed by flying aircraft carriers with propellers, it is better to immediately get together for another movie. There will be more and not this. After astounding the imagination of the "Avengers" Marvel can not afford to slow down, and after the third "Iron Man"And the second"Thor"" Another war "continues to increase the scope. Ruined skyscrapers and grandiose car chases are filmed here so that Michael Bay и Ron howard, responsible for the wonderful recent "Race", Now for certain they die with envy. Rousseau do not hesitate to quote (or, if you will, repeat) the most recognizable shots from the large-scale militants of recent years: here "Skyfoll", Here"Wolverine", Here is the ubiquitous Nolan. Their visual discoveries are also abundant, and the passion for shoving cameras into the most secret places not only reveals immense opportunities for editing, but also allows you to look at the actors around the scenery at very unexpected angles. The very same story is wittily presented in a spy thriller case with a detective storyline and an extremely concerned person Robert Redford. But, of course, this is nothing more than a disguise. Barely twisted, the spy plot gambling turns into a standard popcorn merry-go-round.

The Marvel strategy of the superhero "Chescha", when in the intervals between the joint exits, the Avengers team in the best traditions of the "Tender May" collects money around the world, speaking in small compositions, also takes on a new height in the "Other War." No Hulk or Tony Stark here and does not smell, but the Captain still is not alone. Samuel L. Jackson (whose most famous role is awarded a separate welcome), Scarlett Johansson and, it seems, knocked out at last in the stars Anthony Mackie create a feeling of quite impressive extras, and accurately dispersed throughout the timing of humor helps maintain self-control, even in intolerably spiritually lifting or, conversely, very very cranberry moments. It's unlikely that any of the listed performers will receive an Oscar for their work, and it's not a fact that the plot's vicissitudes of the film can be remembered in a month, but the Captain promises a couple of hours of pleasant rest on Friday night. And he, as you know, never lies.

Since 3 April at the cinema.

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