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13 movies with the best story inside the story

One of the main reasons why a viewer watches a movie is the opportunity not just to look at something unusual, but also to experience amazing adventures, to get acquainted with a story that will not be ashamed to savor after the end of the session or even discuss much later with relatives and acquaintances . And if the cinema is a kind of reflection of life, sometimes within the stories there are heroes who tell "a story inside history". Such a stylistic move is a very dangerous technique, not every scriptwriter and director succeeds in implementing a multi-level narrative and not getting confused in what is happening, disappointing the audience. But if everything works out - the result exceeds the wildest expectations. We remembered some of the most successful films, in the plot of which there is room for one more (and sometimes not one) story. Getting lost in such tapes is easy, but viewing one such picture can easily replace a multi-day movie marathon.


Dreams that can be bought for money (1947) / Dreams That Money Can Buy

Producer: Hans Richter

Starring: Jack Bittner, Libby Holman, Josh White, Norman Kazanzhan, Doris Okerson

Shot from the film "Dreams that you can buy for money"

Shot from the film "Dreams that you can buy for money"

To the brightest examples of surrealism in the cinema, experts rightly include the tape of a German artist, graphic artist and director Hans Richter "Dreams that you can buy for money." The plot of this avant-garde film may seem not the most intricate, but here it is visually filigree, every frame, every scene, every novel in it - the triumph of art, the author's view of the world and creativity. The protagonist of the tape is not a very successful psychiatrist, but he manages to inspire his patients with dreams that can alleviate their suffering, throw away neuroses and satisfy mania. Dreams are shown as inserts in a picture, performed in various techniques - from animation to the action movie with elements of graphic abstractions. The witty and fascinating Richter film became the "swan song" of surrealism, which lost its dominant position in the forefront of art at the end of 1940.

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