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Review of the film "Piranhas 3D"

Specialist on horror remakes Alexander Aža reworked the film of Joe Dante in 3D-exhibiting a hurricane force: busty beauties here obbladyvayut to silicone, and pornozherissera and at all - to the most expensive. And this is not a camera.

The tectonic push releases from the underground lake the jamb of hungry prehistoric piranhas. Almost simultaneously, a party begins at Lake Victoria. Its central number should be a contest of wet T-shirts ("Dying to get wet"), to which the porn director who shoots his film on a yacht nearby hopes to catch up.

Alexander Aja, the Frenchman and the possessor of the appearance of the Catholic saint, was, dulled spectator vigilance by the languid mystical horror of the Mirror, returned with a triumphant and, most importantly, verbatim adaptation of the phrase "to feed the fish," which now seems to take the place of the main work in his filmography.

The synopsis itself pushes the first thoughts on the nature of the prepared spectacle, and the last seemingly doubts disappear with the appearance on the screen of the Eli Roth (in the role of the presenter of the very contest of wet T-shirts), but the Ajah then overreacts all spectator expectations. Grinding his extras in demand with the gay and indifferent inventiveness of death from the "Point of Destination", he himself does not know how to keep a cinematic piranha hungry on a dysfunctional diet from remakes. So even when all such a three-dimensional and slightly chewed member of a porn director swims before his eyes - know, this is not the end.

Remake Piranhas Joe Dante 1978 year.
The son of the sheriff is played by Stephen R. McQueen - grandson Steve McQueen.
Richard Dreyfus appears in the cameo - in the role of Matt Hooper, who played in "Jaws" Steven Spielberg.
The budget of the film amounted to 24 million dollars.
Its sequel is already anosialized. Shoot will be Aha.

However, despite the apparent spontaneity of what is happening, in Piranha there functions at least one clear and not Azh, in general, a fictitious rule according to which the chances of nerdy beauties for survival are inversely proportional to the size of their breasts. For contrast, the director introduces the story "human history" - about the sheriff and her teenage son. Instead of looking after his younger brother and sister, the guy goes to the director's yacht as a guide - and there he defeats all temptations with tequila, cocaine and pornodivs. The teenage morality, picked up by bloody frills, is once again called upon to excuse viewers for those vicious pleasures that they got in the process: so yes, silicone does not sink, but still love wins. And strippers still survive only at Rodriguez.

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