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10 best Soviet movies about sports and athletes

Thanks to the success of such tapes as "Fight with the shadow","Legenda № 17","Upward movement", Sports cinema becomes the key genre of the new Russian cinema. And what films about sports and sportsmen were shot in the USSR? We remembered the ten best pictures of this genre, released in Soviet times.


Penalty kick (1963) /


Producer: Veniamin Dorman

Starring: Mikhail Pugovkin, Liliya Aleshnikova, Vladimir Treshchalov, Vladimir Vysotsky, Vladimir Yanovskis

Shot from the film "Penalty kick"

Shot from the film "Penalty kick"

Mocking the grassroots bureaucracy, Soviet cinema sometimes affected sports topics. In a satirical comedy Veniamin Dorman "Penalty" rural leader guesses that it is very easy to demonstrate successes in the development of sport. It is enough to hire experienced athletes from other regions, hand them over to local combine operators and machine operators and send them to the regional sports days. The main character of the film with his usual comic brilliance played Mikhail Pugovkin, and one of the "mercenaries" depicted the future idol Vladimir Vysotsky, then still little known to the general public.

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