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8 new TV series of February that are worth your attention

In order not to get lost in the diversity of telenoks, we have prepared for you a guide on the 8 main series of February. Take the calendar and most likely mark the exit dates with a red marker in order not to miss anything.


Жизнь матрешки (XNUMX) / Russian Doll


Directed by: Leslie Hadland, Jamie Babbitt, Natasha Lyon

Starring: Natasha Lyon, Charlie Barnett, Jul Vazquez, Elizabeth Ashley, Dasha Polanco

February 1 - first season

Matryoshka / Russian Doll

Matryoshka / Russian Doll

On the first day of the month, Netflix will delight us with the TV series with the native name “Matryoshka”. Natasha Lyonne (played in the films of the series American Pie and the TV series Orange is the hit of the season) will play the role of Nadi, a simple girl who came to the party in New York. In the best traditions of “Groundhog Day” and “The Edge of the Future” and other films with a similar rehearsal narrative model, she will die and reappear at the party. The heroine has to solve two difficult tasks at once - often not to die and understand what is happening at all. It seems, we face a new potential hit Netflix.

Stay tuned and get fresh reviews, compilations and news about the movies first!

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