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7 skinhead action heroes

Is it easy to be a bald actor? Apparently, it is not easy: in what bald in Hollywood does not tkni, by all means prove to be a man of a difficult fate, who has to save the world, then fight with gangsters, then perform impossible tasks in hot spots. We examined the seven most influential action baldies of the cinema world.

Bruce Willis

Shot from the film "RED 2"

Shot from the film "RED 2"

No doubt, the cult of the heroic bald head in the movie was set by Willis. Before him, being bald was considered almost indecent, it was only negative characters from the "B" films that, in addition to their cigarettes and tattoos, looked even more disgusting. Older people remember Bryusov's hair in "Detective agency "Moonlight"","The sixth sense"And the first three"Strong nuts", As well as in"Jackale", Where the artist's hair covering reached the maximum length, fluffiness and color. But since the bald patches began to approach dangerously to the crown of the head, the world had to accept its eternal savior as he now is: with a billiard skull. By the end of the 90, Bruce increasingly appeared in front of the camera with a short "carpet" pile on his head, and starting the year with 2003, he stopped struggling with the inevitable and switched to shaving. One exception, Willis for the fans still did - increased hair for the role of his young clone in the "Surrogates". It was clear to everyone that they were not real: Bruce himself did not have those in his best years. "I do not build from the cult style," says Willis. - What makes a man a man, comes from the heart, and to the amount of hair on the head has nothing to do. I tell all the advertisers who say that if your hair is thinning, then you are not enough man: "Come on ..." Many guys thanked me heartily for the fact that I popularized the bald head. "

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