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Review of the film "Love and other medicines"

In a romantic comedy about American pharmaceuticals, Jake Gyllenhaal works as a traveling salesman, Anne Hathaway has Parkinson, and the system is vicious.

In the middle of 90, the young and damn charming Jamie Randall (Jake Gyllenhaal) decides to deal with the spread of drugs, and immediately lets Pfizer deal with its ability to enchant women, paving its way to success through the bed of girls from the registry. But one day, Jamie meets a capricious artist Maggie, ailing Parkinson (Ann Hataway). Due to which he reconsiders his attitude to life, acquires a sense of responsibility and becomes a doctor. Yes, and by the way, it's all a comedy.

The film based on Jamie Reidi's autobiography "How I sold Viagra" could, by and large, become anything: a baiopik exposing the pharmaceutical industry, an intelligent drama about the careerist's love for a girl with Parkinson's syndrome and even a slaughtered youth comedy. And finally decided to do romkom (turned out, in general, pretty nice), director Edward Zwick and could not completely forget about other options. However, all the studs against the American health system, where the pharmaceutical companies resemble sects, and the Hippocratic oath is treated too liberally, are completely broken up about the large plans of the female breast, which is, whatever one may say, a much more interesting object for research.

In the book of Reidy there is no love line.
Preparing for the filming Anne Hathaway went to support groups for people with Parkinson's disease, and consulted with neuropathologists.
Hathaway and Gyllenhaal played the couple in the movie "Brokeback Mountain," for which the latter received a nomination for an Oscar.
Hathaway was nominated for an Oscar for his role in the film "Rachel Marries."

And no matter how much Edward Zwick tries to make friends with the problems with pharmaceuticals, this alliance turns out to be rather strange: the on-line happy end is not at all combined with the incurable Parkinson's disease, and bedside humor - with humanistic care for the needs of the sick and suffering. Fortunately, it's completely impossible for a part of the tape to be allowed by the excellent teamwork of the duet Hathaway-Gyllenhaal, where the first captivates the deer's eyes with an insinuating glance, and the second is parried by a seductive smile. And in general, there are so few decent scenes in the film, and there are so many jokes about Viagra that we have to admit: "love" here is still in the first place, and "other medicines" are so, for cheerfulness.

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