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10 главных фильмов кинофестиваля «Сандэнс-2019»

This past weekend, the main American independent film festival, Sundance, is taking place in the heart of the United States, Utah. During 10 days, about a hundred films were shown - we selected the most interesting premieres, which you will hear more than once.


Souvenir: Part of 1 (2019) / The Souvenir

detective / drama / melodrama

Producer: Joanna Hogg

Starring: Tilda Swinton, Richard Ayoadi, Tom Burke, Honor Byrne, Jack McMullen

Souvenir / The Souvenir

Souvenir / The Souvenir

One of the most high-profile premieres of the festival was the new film by British director Joanna Hogg. This is partly a autobiographical story for Hogg of a young female student studying filmmaking, who makes a strange relationship with an older man. The bond becomes so emotional and intense that it is about to destroy the girl’s dream of creating art itself. "Souvenir" was the full-fledged acting debut of Tilda Swinton's daughter - Honor Sunton-Byrne. Shooting of the second part will begin in the summer - Robert Pattinson has already joined the cast.

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