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10 of the highest grossing non-Hollywood films

"To make studios make big money, they have to shoot American cinema or draw English-language cartoons." Those who think so, are deeply mistaken. Of course, Hollywood leads by fees, but also non-Hollywood paintings sometimes earn hundreds of millions of dollars in rent. Who successfully competes with American cinema? We compiled a list of ten of the highest-grossing non-Hollywood films.


Armor of God: In search of treasure (2017) / Gong fu yu jia

thriller / detective / comedy / Adventures

Producer: Stanley Toon

Starring: Jackie Chan, Диша Патани, Amira Dastour, Miya Muki, Tr Court

254 million

Shot from the film "The Armor of God: In Search of Treasures"

Shot from the film "The Armor of God: In Search of Treasures"

Chinese and Indian cinema often compete in the Eastern box office, but sometimes they cooperate. "In search of treasure" - this is a Chinese adventure comedy, created with the participation of Indian actors and filmmakers. Its action, respectively, is developing in both countries. The picture tells about the search for jewelry of ancient Indian rulers. The producer of the tape and the performer of the main role was the legendary Jackie Chan. Therefore, in the Russian box office the film received the name "Armor of God", although it has no formal relation to the 1980 hit, where Chan flashed.

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