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15 stars, whose popularity changed appearance

Cinema is the art of reincarnation. Talented, thirsting for new sensations, actors never give up bold experiments, but sometimes their interest in changing the image goes too far - from modest girls, actresses grow into true lionesses, ardent young men turn into stately elders. Not always these changes are associated with age or work on the role - we recalled some of the most vivid examples of how with the advent of popularity, actors and actresses changed their image dramatically. What kind of shape is more for them - choose yourself.

Elizabeth Taylor

Women can only sympathize - they are also paying dearly for their natural beauty, and are worried about the loss of the former charm much stronger than men. On Elizabeth Taylor in the middle of the last century, wanted to look like young ladies on both sides of the ocean, the actress was busy in the most expensive and bright productions of her time. But by the end of her career, it was painful for Taylor to watch - as the actress did not try to hide her years, it did not turn out very well. As a result, instead of beautiful decent old age, humiliating experiments with makeup and hair color.

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