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"Little Drummer": a bright spy series from the director "Oldboy"

Not at all the author's mini-series Pak Chiang-yuk - protracted and overly romantic.


Intense 1970 Palestine is avenging Europe for the creation of Israel on its territory by a series of terrorist acts. Israeli intelligence agent Kurtz (Michael Shannon) conceived an ambitious plan to eliminate the leader of the terrorist organization Khalil. With the help of his best spy Gadi (Alceksandr Skarsgård) he plans to recruit young British actress levacka Charlie (Florence Pugh), so that she played the girl Salim, Khalil's younger brother, and also a terrorist.

The series "Little Drummer"

The series "Little Drummer"

It seems that the TV channel AMC has found a new gold mine (after the hit TV series "The Crazies","Breaking bad"And rapidly fading"Walking Dead") - it was only necessary to unite with the BBC and begin to film the musty spy novels of John Le Carré. In the frame - the actors are more known, for the frame - the director of the author's cinema, and you can safely wait for the Golden Globes and the Emmy in the non-competitive category of mini-series. It happened with “The Night Administrator”, which for some reason was extended to the second season, they expect this from “The Little Drummer”, and hope for this with the next project - the film version of “The Spy, Who Came from the Cold”, the most famous novel by Le Carré.

Shot from the series "Little Drummer"

Shot from the series "Little Drummer"

In contrast to dry and cold "Administrator» Suzanne Beer, "Drummer" Pak Chang-pa (directed byOldboy"And"The maidservants") Oozing with bright colors and rebellious spirit of the era. Until now, the actual conflict between Israel and Palestine has been filed not one-sidedly, but with a brief insight into the history of the formation of the state and the further escalation of the conflict - it seems that both are to blame. True, in 2018, you can still take a risk and make a more thoughtful statement than retelling Le Carr’s opinion 35 years ago. With this, the series generally has big problems: the worst of the original source falls right into the frame, in bright colors to match the dresses of the heroine (a clumsy romantic story), and the best is changed or thrown out. It is especially painful to watch the ending: instead of a portrait of two broken people who are torn between the parties to the conflict, it turns into the perfect ending of the romantic spy comedy - safe, sweet and kind.

Shot from the series "Little Drummer"

Shot from the series "Little Drummer"

The problem is that the magic name of Park Chan-yuk simply does not create that very magic and reminds of itself only by the title in the headband. The Korean’s boundless talent is not intended to be used to its full potential — he usually writes scripts for his projects, and in Drummer only acts as an artisan for hire in an unaccustomed linear history. Nothing can be done, but to be a director in an international series does not mean to add your own style to it. The rich direction of the “Maids” is sterilized here, and the remnants of portions scattered on the 6 hours - there are golden moments, but there are tens of minutes between them for the usual British serials. The habitual style of the Korean begins to flash in the last hours of the series, but only the most persistent spectator will live to see them.

The lack of a Korean genius pays off with an atypical history (whatever you say, but the Arab-Israeli conflict rarely comes out on large and small screens) and first-class actors. The “reality theater” is run by a young Briton Florence Pugh, who time after time (after a successful "Lady Macbeth"You can see it in the recent"Outlawed king") Proves that he will soon enter the Hollywood pantheon. Her Charlie, even without a book ending, became an interesting discussion on the subject of acting in a war - a profession where the self is suppressed by a made-up one standing between two fires. In the background, her mustache Michael Shannon as an Israeli strategist and a stone-faced lover-spy played by Alexander Skarsgard support her without much enthusiasm. Both are certainly capable of more, but it is thanks to them that the Florence Pugh star shines even brighter. It seems that this is the only thing that shines in the series at full capacity. And he does it in such a way that even someone who starts watching the series for Pak Chang-yuk will definitely finish it because of Florence Pugh.

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