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Blurred Personality: Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe Adopt Gay Son

A drama about the horrors of conversion therapy, which has turned into a safe movie for the whole family.


After parting with his school friend because of her pushy harassment, Jared (Lucas hages) goes to college. His roommate is a simple fellow from a Catholic family who rapes Jared one night and confesses that he had other victims. The hero will return home, tell his parents (Nicole Kidman in a terrible wig and Russell Crowe with the abdomen), which sometimes thinks of men, after which he will receive an ultimatum: either a reparative camp, where they will make a natural, or go away from the family.

Shot from the movie "Blurred Personality"

Shot from the movie "Blurred Personality"

It just so happened that in 2018, in two films at once, they remembered such a shameful phenomenon as conversion therapy. In reparative camps, like with the help of faith in God, young people (not only young men, but also girls) expelled any manifestation of sexual freedom. Does not work? Then follow the rule of Fake it till you make it. First, the festival of independent American cinema "Sundance" won the drama Desiree Akhavan «The Incorrect Upbringing of Cameron Post»S Chloe Grace the Mother starring; later showed “Erased Personality”, which was to jump from the springboard in the awards season. Fortunately, it did not work out.

Shot from the movie "Blurred Personality"

Shot from the movie "Blurred Personality"

Both films - the film adaptation of books of the same name - are being developed according to a similar template scenario: unsuccessful school relations are a hard life in a camp where one of their peers must lay hands on themselves, and a long-awaited self-acceptance. True, if the film Akhavan bets on what can be safely beaten on the family and confided in understanding friends, the “Worn Person” in this regard focuses attention on the relationship with the parents, with the approval of which the hero’s fireplace-out begins. The film is generally quite conservative - even so much as if there was no breakthrough "Moonlight, Which was supposed to change the very approach to the creation of films about the problem of self-identification. "Blurred Personality" looks like a movie of the beginning of the zero, his relic. Probably, then he would have looked, let him not radically, but exactly original; now it’s just a sterile oscar-bait for old film academics and conservative parents.

Shot from the movie "Blurred Personality"

Shot from the movie "Blurred Personality"

A couple of years ago Joel Edgerton debuted in directing, inspired by creativity Hanekethriller "Gift”In which, it seems, every little thing not only caught up on the suspense, but also could change the story overnight. There are no trifles in “Wiped Personality”, but there are huge layers and patterns, but no one is going to work with them. What is the cost of rape, which could complement the history of the study of the hero - his mental trauma, or the possible inability of Jared to communicate, trust in other people. This is simply not there, because Edgerton is more interested in working in the comfort zone without any hint of risk. It is necessary to show the horrors of therapy - here participants and family members beat a teenager with bibles opposite the coffin in slow-mo under the cello howls.

Hero's tensions with his father? Here is a significant scene in which Jared closes the door in slow-mo, without a cello, but again with sad music in front of his face. Nevertheless, a conversation with the viewer on important and provocative topics should go without such conventions.

The star cast of the film does not save the situation: Troy Siwan и Xavier Dolan, as expected, were taken to the background for a plus in the LGBT community, Russell Crowe walks sadly in wide pants, Nicole Kidman cries and swears with the hope of getting at least some nomination, and Lucas Hages again plays either another problem son, either your character from "Lady Bird". On the other hand, what to expect from the script, which seems to have been written for the final credits, where almost direct text says: conversion therapy still exists, and this is very bad! Now give us a couple of rewards for saying it out loud.

Since 21 March at the cinema.

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