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Review of the film "Lego. Film"

Noisy, fun, colorful, musical, funny. Even if you have never stacked Lego cubes together, in this movie you will become your own - the fantasy world is open to all


When the legend of the constellation of the worlds of Lego looms over the enslavement of the evil Lord Business, it remains to rely only on the fulfillment of the ancient prophecy: in the universe of cubes the Chosen One should appear, and his magical Resistance Block will correct the situation. To the surprise of the few rebels - opponents of the Lord of Business, the Chosen one is the most ordinary builder Emmett, who is accustomed to act only by the rules and without instruction can not add even two Lego bricks. Risking forever to become stagnant for the Lego world, a hero is urgently needed, not afraid to break the rules, risking trying something new, and most importantly - able to create, because without fantasy development is impossible.

A shot from the cartoon "Lego. Film"

A shot from the cartoon "Lego. Film"

Work on the scenario of the picture began back in 2008, but only in November 2011 the project was given a green light. The cash success of the film led to the start of work on the sequel

A long-established cult status company "Lego" fully deserved its own film. If there were GIJoe soldiers on the big screen, Transformers robots and Bratz dolls, then for children's designers with an 65-year history, there should have been places for DVD and Blu-Ray. Actually, so it was - with the beginning of the XXI century, the Danish company Lego came to grips with the promotion of the brand through animation, but until now it was a third-rate modest crafts, interesting only to the most inveterate fans. The toy giant needed a hit that not only attracted the attention of loyal fans and had little impact on the sale of children, but also affected those who carry money to the branded stores - the day before yesterday's boys, and now adults, whose childhood passed after playing in colorful bricks .

A shot from the cartoon "Lego. Film"

A shot from the cartoon "Lego. Film"

It's not at all difficult to guess that such spectators are the same kids who are now so fond of Hollywood (you do not think that modern multi-million-dollar comics-film adaptations are designed for teenagers?). The day before yesterday they were building cities from Lego kits, yesterday they were hacking day and night into video games, and today they fill the world with hipster creatives, create a new reality and create a story. And knowing the target audience and even casually analyzing the fees addressed to such a public of film and video products, you can, according to the three-way instruction, draw up a plan for conquering the world with angular toy figures.

A shot from the cartoon "Lego. Film"

A shot from the cartoon "Lego. Film"

In addition to superheroes from the comics DC, screen rights on which belong to WB, in "Lego. The film "got the characters of" Star Wars ", related to Disney. This became possible, because Lego owns the rights to toy Han Solo and Chewbacca

The creators of "Lego. Film ", themselves those who were kiddies, made the perfect cartoon for adults. In the picture there are so many references to the classics and mass media, so many characters are used, so many jokes are collected and tampered that it will not be enough for a single viewer to view the film once. And there are a lot of such people who understand this: the tape has gathered under its banner a good half of the Justice League (Gal Gadot does not have to worry about his form - the Wonder Woman in Lego Film is almost as wide as the height), mentioned " Lord of the Rings "and hung a sonorous slap in the face of" Star Wars ", gave Shakespeare and Lincoln, even the live Will Ferrell gave the viewer. It is simply impossible to take your eyes off all this splendor.

A shot from the cartoon "Lego. Film"

A shot from the cartoon "Lego. Film"

Traditionally for such releases, "Lego. The film "in the original voice acting is filled with so many stars that even half of them would be enough for an expensive blockbuster. However, no matter how much he played on the voice acting fool Chris Pratt, no matter how it was pronounced in the uterine voice Morgan Freeman and with what ominous aspirations or curses Will Arnett, without the right good text they can not do. And in this component the film is done by many adult comedies. Feels like "Lego. The film "is closest, perhaps, to"The third superfluous"Or cartoons"Robot Chicken", Getting rid of jokes about weed and sex, but noticeably added in romantic humor. In high-quality humor, and not in the fact that the comedy is issued in "lyubvyah in a big city." And although the history has a couple of long moments and a small obvious slack when it comes time to read the morals (do not forget, the picture is aimed at a teenage and even a children's audience), the viewer does not even have time to get bored, he does not even try to recover from the queue of splashed Hochma .

By the way, about morality. Traditionally already for the Hollywood films of the last couple of years "Lego. The film "prepares the younger generation for difficulties: the conclusions that not everything in life will work out for you, that even if you follow all the instructions, you can not protect yourself from problems, that any talent must be applied to any effort, first and not in the second film. Nothing wrong with the fact that America began to look soberly at the "American dream", no, it hardens. This is a new stage in development, which begins with such seemingly silly things. And not everyone in this building is destined to become Chosen, someone will have to make sofas, and follow the order, and to remove the laser sharks.

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