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10 movies with "calendar" titles

New Year and Christmas, no doubt, are most loved by Hollywood: from New Year comedies alone it would be possible to compile not one voluminous selection. And what about all the other holidays, they are undeservedly forgotten? Not that at all, but the fact is a fact: movies with "calendar" names on the big screen are quite rare. We decided to remember them by name.


Feast of St. Jorgen (1930) /


Producer: Yakov Protazanov

Starring: Igor Ilyinsky, Anatoly Ktorov, Leonid Obolensky, Theophanes Shipulinsky, N. Vasilyeva

The famous director Yakov Protazanov shot about a hundred silent films, almost not reached our days - 90% of what was done before 1920 year, sunk into oblivion, leaving only a single coil with a film. Much more lucky tapes that Jacob filmed in Europe in the studios of Pathe and Gaumont, and the films made after the author's return to the USSR. "The Feast of St. Jorgen" on the satirical story of the Danish writer Harald Bergstedt was the last silent film of Protazanov - and the most famous: critics often called him the pinnacle of a silent Soviet comedy. It could not be otherwise, because the titles to the painting were written by Ilf and Petrov, having produced many "pearls" that were included in Soviet everyday life.

True, neither the famous citizens of Odessa, nor the author of the script Sigismund Krzhizhanovsky in the credits did not reach. The story of two fugitive thieves who found themselves at a Catholic church festival in the city of Jorgenstadt and decided to snatch a portion of the parishioners' donations, carried a powerful anticlerical charge, ridiculing both the crooks themselves and the churchmen with their flock. Despite the clearly foreign surroundings, "The Feast of St. Jorgen" was so loud success in the Soviet Union that five years after the premiere Protazanov decided to voice it - in this form the tape reached the audience. A favorite director Igor Ilyinsky, who played the thief Franz Schulz, later also became widely known as Byvalov from "Volga-Volga"And Ogurtsov from"Carnival Night».

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