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Who will win the 2019 Golden Globe Awards?

On the night of 6 on 7, the annual Golden Globe Award will be held for merit in film and television. As you know, the winners are determined by a vote of journalists from the Hollywood International Press Association. Often among the nominees there are obvious laureates, but the ceremony is never complete without surprises. We decided to take a chance and try to guess the winners, and also noted the participants, who, most likely, would be undeservedly left without a reward.

Best drama

«Black Panther»

«Black clan»

«Bohemian Rhapsody»

«The star was born»

«If Bill Street could speak»

Promotional film for the film "Star was born"

Promotional film for the film "Star was born"

The nominees for the seemingly golden prize of the Golden Globe this year are very weak and look more like a joke (or MTV Movie Awards). Due to the practical absence of competition, the prize was likely to be taken by the “Star was born” - far from great and already the third remake of the 1937 tape of the year. But very much loved by critics and spectators.

Will win: “Star was born”

Must win"Roma"But she is not even in the nominees

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