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10 movies about time loops

We live once? Only not in the movie! A lot of fantastic and mystical tapes allow heroes - by their will or by coincidence - to return to the past repeatedly, to live the present again and change the future. Around this time loop, a script for a new blockbuster "The Edge of the Future", And we found ten" comrades "for him, exploring similar plot ideas.


Repeating Reality (2010) / Repeaters

thriller / drama / fantasy / thriller

Producer: Carl Bessay

Starring: Dastin Milligan, Amanda Krue, Richard de Klerk, Alexia Fast, Gabriel Rose

Shot from the film "Repeating Reality"

Shot from the film "Repeating Reality"

Three young heroes of this low-budget Canadian thriller are drug addicts who are being treated in a rehabilitation center. When they suddenly find themselves "stuck" in one day, the events of which are repeated again and again, two of them are trying to use this opportunity to build their lives and get rid of the bad habit. The third, however, decides that since he every "new day" wakes up as if nothing had happened (even if he "died" on the "previous day"), he can commit with impunity any, even the most heinous crimes. And while his friends are morally evolving, he is rapidly degrading ...

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