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12 great movies that no one wants to revise

Among the favorite films we used to include those paintings that were viewed several times, we can easily quote and retell the favorite scenes. But each of us will easily remember and such a movie, which is among the world's masterpieces, or is considered an achievement of the cinema art, but there is no desire to revise it. Some of these tapes simply did not live up to our expectations, some disappointed with the finale, some of them became uninteresting after the disclosure of the main intrigue, and something was a real two-hour torture. We have compiled a list of such tapes, which received high ratings from viewers and critics, but in the "video-on-demand" services were in the last places in the top view. And which of these tapes did you review last and revise it?

Be careful, there are spoilers in the text!


Grave fireflies (1988) / Hotaru no haka

animation / war / drama

Producer: Isao Takahata

Starring: Cutomu Tacumi, Ayano Sarysey, Ёсико Синохара, Акамми Ямагути, Tadasi Nakamura

A still from the cartoon "Tomb of the Fireflies"

A still from the cartoon "Tomb of the Fireflies"

Full-length Japanese animation in the average person is associated with colorful fairy-tale works of studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki, but the "Tomb of the Fireflies" directed by Isao Takahaty is similar to the picture of the giant company only in style - otherwise the military drama, of course, is in some other universe. First of all, the shrillness of the history of children trying to survive in a war-ravaged city is achieved by the fact that the "Fireflies Tomb" is based on a biographical novel in which the author describes what happened with his own family. And it is very touching, touches so that you will not dare to wish to watch such a film not only for children, but for adults as well - the war rarely looks on the screen more ugly, scary and cruel. What is only worth finding children of the body of a murdered mother is better than not seeing it again.

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