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An extremely successful survival-horror, despite the fact that his concept is much more suitable for shorts

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Quiet place
Quiet location (2018)
A Quiet Place
drama, thriller, horror
Producer: John Krasinski
Starring: Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Ноа Джьюп, Milli Simmonds, Leon Rassom
Premiere: April 12 2018 years

From where the monsters come from, they quickly destroyed human civilization - the monsters are fast, deadly, inextinguishable and oriented to sound. The only joy in all this is that they are completely blind, so few survivors moved to the province where you can move silently, and switched to sign language, because any spoken word can lead to an instantaneous attack. In the center of the story, the family that is preparing for the appearance of the child - for this they equip the basement with soundproofing and prepare a tightly closed cradle for the baby, but the birth, as it should in the cinema, does not begin on time and exactly at the very moment when the family members are separated.

Shot from the film "Quiet Place"

Shot from the film "Quiet Place"

At an early stage of production, writers Scott Beck and Brian Woods received an offer from Paramount to build a "Quiet Place" in the franchise "Cloverfield" ("Monstro"),

Good actors do not always get good directors, but in the case Jonah Krasinski nature decided to confirm the saying that talented people are talented in everything. A gifted comedian who grew up in the mokyumentari-series "Office", At his conclusion Krasinski pumped himself and convincingly played a professional soldier in the action movie"13 hours". In the same 2016 year, he made his directorial debut with the ensemble drama "Hollary" - a sweet colloquial picture that did not bring her money to the creators, but allowed Krasinski to get used to a new profession.

Shot from the film "Quiet Place"

Shot from the film "Quiet Place"

Actress Millicent Simmonds, playing the deaf daughter of the main characters, in life also does not hear from an early age

"Quiet place", released in two years, shows significant growth - here the genre is more difficult, and the director's task is not as interesting as that of the example. Firstly, due to the concept in the "Quiet Place" there are almost no dialogues - aloud the characters talk only a couple of times, the rest of the time being explained in sign language. Secondly, there is actually no plot in the picture - these are several episodes from the life of an unusual post-apocalyptic world, which connects only a subtle thread of the tragedy that has made a split in the world of this family. Third, at the disposal of Krasinski there were only a few locations and a very limited set of actions (steal, hide, and listen intently).

Shot from the film "Quiet Place"

Shot from the film "Quiet Place"

In several scenes of monsters in a costume for capturing movements, "played" John Krasinski himself

Of course, all of the above does not hint, but literally screams for a short meter - in the form of a half-hour short film "Quiet Place" would certainly look even more profitable. But the short films on the big screen are not shown, and the extension (the language does not turn to call it "stretching" or "diluting") of the monosyllabic plot to an hour and a half in this case passed without serious problems - unless, of course, they are considered such that the first half of the film moves slower than we would like, and the second, on the contrary, rushes like a locomotive, through a series of intense suspense scenes. This film of emotions, the film even almost manages to tire, but the final titles appear exactly where it should be - John Krasinski's sense of proportion is developed, forgive the pun in full.

In general, the film can not be said that yesterday's layman took it off, it is a perfect example of the synergy between the viewer and the author's cinema - an absolutely genre horror that will not be embarrassing to look at the memorable aesthetes. Tense, atmospheric, spooky, with a bright soundtrack, spectacular picture and excellent acting Emily Blunt and Krasinski himself (he chose his own good wife!), this is a film that deserves nothing as a spectator love. Another example of the fact that in the right hands horror - one of the most subtle, deep and multilayered genres.

Since 12 April at the cinema.

13.04.2018 Text: Boris Khokhlov
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