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Review of the first episodes of the series "Bonus"

The toothless and not too fascinating immersion in modern youth subcultures, completely devoid of drive and attractive heroes.


Bonus - a modest guy from Astrakhan, dreaming to conquer the world with his sincere lyrics, but he can not become a notable rapper in his homeland. But dashingly it turns out together with the best friend Gashik to quarrel with local Caucasians, so much so that you have to flee the city. The friends decided to use the unplanned voyage to the maximum and aimed to conquer the capital - Bonus already sees himself as the star of the hip-hop scene, and Gashik feels a crunch of new bills in his hands. And fate, it seems, favors the heroes - they get acquainted with Sonia and Kurt, the children of the oligarch. But Moscow is not given to anyone easily and simply, Bonus and Gashik face in a big city with a million problems.

From the side it may seem that television today is experiencing golden times. The series became the most popular entertainment, in them the stars of the first magnitude are shot with pleasure, and budgets are not seasonal, and even single episodes inspire awe and respect. In practice, the TV show's creators almost have to jump out of their own pants to attract the viewer with a new project, to sit in front of the screen and force them to look through their work to the end. It would seem that the producers Valery Fyodorovich, Evgeny Nikishov и Alexander Dulerain the dog was eaten at the production of the most impressive TV projects of the last few years, but they sometimes decide on desperate experiments in order to stay on the wave. However, even the best are not immune from mistakes.

A shot from the series "Bonus"

A shot from the series "Bonus"

Work on the project began in 2011, at different times, he was invited to lead the directors of Peter Buslov and Valery Todorovsky

The series "Bonus" on paper looks extremely interesting, it, like a burdock, has a lot of hooks, capable of catching the most diverse spectator. For some, this should be the eternal love story of two representatives of different classes, others can not wait to see a musical in the style of rap, others are waiting for immersion in modern youth subcultures, the fourth want to relive their own impressions of Moscow's conquest, the fifth look forward to a new masterpiece Valerie Guy Germanici. You can continue for a long time, but whether it is necessary, after all, in the pursuit of ten rabbits, the authors stumble and fall at the very first minutes of the narrative.

A shot from the series "Bonus"

A shot from the series "Bonus"

First of all, disappointing Germanicus. Actually, this is not the first time that the stage manager looks pale, but the "Bonus" is somehow depressingly dull. Where is the youthful enthusiasm, where is maximalism and uncompromising, where is the firm inner anger and ruffiness for any reason? Yes, Bonus starts with an energetic musical number, which clearly states that something special is before us. But after five minutes the series makes a leap into the abyss of predictable teen soap, to which place in the grid channel "Children". Let the speech of the heroes have to be squeezed a little less than half, and the remnants are reduced to wheelbarrows, dab and heifers. Boring and somehow too naive.

In general, judging by the first episodes, "Bonus" desperately simplifies the world that has fallen into the focus of the plot. Majors here as if descended from crocodile caricatures, and cattle and gopot are deliberately stupid and aggressive. So get ready, put fights, drugs, borrows and broken prestigious cars will appear in the first hour and a half. And the stamps are sent ridiculously and inappropriately - take at least a scene with a discussion Scarlett Johansson or going to the store behind the baseball cap. This, of course, is not the level of "Gogol","Change"Or"Schools».

A shot from the series "Bonus"

A shot from the series "Bonus"

The main role was originally planned to invite a real rap artist, but then the authors of the project preferred to use a professional actor in the frame. Alexander Sudarev, however, himself also reads rap in his free time from acting

Strange impression left and acting. For seven tries Artem Suchkov, performing in the "Bonus" the exact opposite of his "Gogol" character, but his hero is still rather farcical, designed to shade the actual Bonus. That's just nothing to shade, Alexander Sudarev for three series, pronounces a dozen words and performs three times with a recitative, otherwise hanging around in the frame aimlessly, like a boat in the open sea. Not impressive at first glance and cardboard Sonia with Kurt, no sympathy, no sympathy Lana Ryder и Dmitry Smirnov do not cause. But Anton Antoninsky, who serves as the inner voice of the protagonist, literally blazes, but he is strongly beaten out of the general canvas.

By and large, three series is enough to make a conclusion for yourself, "who are you and what did you do for hip-hop in your own years." The novelty of the plot "Bonus" does not shine, the actors do not miss the show from the sky, Germanica did not show her best form. And the music remains music, for some it's a nice bonus, and for some reason the reason to reduce the sound to zero.

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