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15 best movies about flying Chinese


The Last Salute to the Chivalry (1979) / Last Hurray for Chivalry

thriller / drama

Producer: John Woo

Starring: Damien Lauder, Pai Wei, Chiu-hua Wei, Kong Lau, Hark-On Foon

Before John Woo gained global recognition with gangster militants "Bright future","Hitman"And"Cool cooked“He tried himself in different genres and styles. So, in his filmography many comedies, including "Funny times"- homage Charlie Chaplinwhich also has a comic tango scene, possibly copied from "12 chairs» Mark Zakharov! But now about the serious thing - the action-thriller "The Last Salute to the Knighthood", with which Wu signed in love for the gloomy stories about silent Swordsmen, honor and real male friendship. In the global sense, there is nothing unique in the picture - on the contrary, it is quite typical of the 70-x films of the end of the year, but at the same time it is perfectly set and played out and gives a completely comprehensive picture of the paintings of its time.

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