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15 best movies about flying Chinese

Each nation has its own myths and folklore, they also have the Chinese, who even have their own name for this genre in literature and cinema - "usya", a historical and heroic fantasy about brave warriors, unraveling conspiracies or standing in the way of demonic beings . Especially for you, we selected the fifteen most revealing films of this direction, trying to cover the most important paintings for the genre, and arranged them for the year of release.


The touch of Zen (1971) / Ein Hauch von Zen


Producer: King Hu

Starring: Fen Hsu, Chun Shih, It's Bay, Billy Chan, Ming-Wai-chan

The large-scale three-hour epic, which the first half pretends to be a mystical scarecrow, then goes down to the path of heroic drama, and to the finale turns into a Buddhist parable about enlightenment and payment for sins. This is the basic movie at once in many ways, and although for the modern viewer it may seem too slow and unhurried, but you can feel the beauty of camera work and the accuracy of editing right now. The Taiwanese who made the film King Hu By that time he was already considered a talented director, but after the "Touch of Zen" (which he shot for three years) came out in the cage of the best filmmakers of his time, and the film itself was awarded the Cannes Film Festival for technical excellence (despite the fact that before Cannes he reached four years after the release, only in 1975 year) and was nominated for the "Golden Palm Branch".

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